Samsung's sensor cook microwaves all feature in-built sensor technology to make cooking and reheating a breeze. With an easy to read control panel, high cooking power output along with an easy to clean interior Samsung provides cooking versatility for your kitchen.

Extra Wide Door Screen

With an extra wide door screen and simplistic white exterior, the combination of styling and minimal look will compliment almost all kitchens.

Push & Save

The Eco Button enables you to save the up to 40% off the standby power. So you're not just saving power but also the money in your pocket and also helping the planet.

No Corners, No Dirt

The inner cavity has been specially designed with no corners making cleaning a breeze.

Fit for Any Kitchen Space

The slim size exterior takes up less space, thus is in harmony with every kitchen interior.

Rapid Defrost

Samsung microwaves boast some of the world's fastest defrost times. With optimal algorithms for your convenience.

Auto Cook

A convenient Auto Cook Menu for fast cooking of fresh and frozen vegetables and even your drinks.

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