Packed full of features, Samsung’s upside down configuration gives you easier access to all your refrigerated items. With Twin Cooling™ technology preventing dry air from dehydrating food and at the same time stopping odour transfer, your fresh food is kept in optimal condition.

Twin Cooling System™

Keep your food fresher for longer with Twin Cooling technology. Two separate coolers maintain freezer and refrigerator conditions independently, the cool air does not travel across the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Therefore there is no unpleasant mixing of odours.
Twin Cooling technology also ensures your food lasts longer. By maintaining foods natural moisture, vegetables stay crisp and fresh for longer.

Multi-flow Cooling System

Whether food is tucked far away or wedged between a ham and a hard place, everything in the Refrigerator is cooled evenly by our Multi-flow cooling system. Each shelf has multiple vents to maintain an even and constant temperature. So no food ever feels left out, ensuring food stays fresher for longer.

Safety Glass Shelving

Strong shelving which not only looks great but is designed to contain any spills and retain cold air better.

Spill-proof Tempered Glass

The shelves are designed to contain any spills and allow for an easy clean up.

Silver Nano Health System™

Silver Nano particles coated on the inner walls of the refrigerator stop bacteria from multiplying, helping keep the inside of the refrigerator clean and hygienic.
When Silver Nano particles come into contact with bacteria, they suppress the respiration of bacteria. This, in turn, adversely affects bacteria’s cellular metabolism and inhibits cell growth.
As air circulates, the coated surfaces allow the silver ions to control the airborne bacteria. The spread of fungi and bacteria inside refrigerators is prevented, providing you with the freshest, cleanest and healthiest foods to enjoy.

Easy Reversible Doors

Should it face left or right?
With reversible doors, you don't have to worry about where you place your refrigerator.

Frost-Free Freshness

Kiss defrosting chores goodbye! Besides keeping your food fresh, nutritious and looking delicious, no-frost technology means never having to worry about defrosting your refrigerator again.
Fresher food and frustration-free maintenance are the chief benefits of Samsung’s no-frost refrigerators. So just relax and let Samsung do the work for you.

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