All the space you need to stock up on family favourites, throw a party, or prepare a full blown catered affair. Plus elegant designs & efficient Twin Cooling makes Samsung Side by Side refrigerators a fresh choice.

Beauty is stainless steel deep

No matter how inviting your living room is nowadays people always end up in the kitchen. And Samsung's Side by Side Refrigerator is there to welcome them. Granite or slate, the monochromatic stainless steel finish fits in with any design. The LED control display is flush and the sophisticated water dispenser sports a café look. Even the hinges of the refrigerator are hidden to provide a clean edged look. It's the perfect addition to your new family room.

Twin Cooling System™

Keep your food fresher for longer with Twin Cooling technology. Two separate coolers maintain freezer and refrigerator conditions independently, the cool air does not travel across the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Therefore there is no unpleasant mixing of odours.
Twin Cooling technology also ensures your food lasts longer. By maintaining foods natural moisture, vegetables stay crisp and fresh for longer.

Need your space? More SPACE inside

You need your space. We understand. That's why we cleverly designed our SPACE Side by Side Refrigerators to give you more space without taking up any more. Plus an upper area that's 16% roomier. Sheet cakes, watermelons and party platters slide right in. Stock up on groceries to save you extra trips to the market. This Side by Side Refrigerator not only adds room in your kitchen, it adds room to your life.

Frost-Free Freshness

Kiss defrosting chores goodbye! Besides keeping your food fresh, nutritious and looking delicious, no-frost technology means never having to worry about defrosting your refrigerator again.
Fresher food and frustration-free maintenance are the chief benefits of Samsung’s no-frost refrigerators. So just relax and let Samsung do the work for you.

SPACE Technology - more space inside, same space outside

A new 'small cell' insulation technology has reduced the thickness of the refrigerator walls without compromising cooling performance. If you entertain often, you need to store more food. Storing a cake for a birthday or a whole watermelon is a big challenge for conventional refrigerators. Plus, it's more efficient to stock up on groceries in one trip rather than having to go shopping for groceries often. It saves time, energy, and money. The Samsung SPACE refrigerator gives you ample storage space and still maintains the conventional refrigerator dimensions so you can have both, without renovating your kitchen.

Ice and Water dispenser

A new 'S-presso' design combined with a tall dispenser and improved LED display make this ice maker easy to use and keep clean.

Egg Container

Protect your eggs with the handy Egg Container. The larger capacity lets you store more eggs while the self-contained container protects the rest of your fridge against spillage or broken eggs.

LED Tower lighting

Even switched off, our LED Tower Light outshines ordinary refrigerator lights. Aside from a space saving design, it uses less energy without giving off heat. And it fully illuminates every corner of the refrigerator. So finally, finding what you're looking for takes less time than cooking it.

BLUE LED Display

What's going on behind closed doors is no mystery with the LED control display. It assures you the temperature's set, the ice made, the filter's fine, and you can relax.

Flippable Can Holder

This can carry feature can be folded for additional shelf space or used to carry extra cans within the refrigerator door.

Silver Nano Health System™

Silver Nano particles coated on the inner walls of the refrigerator stop bacteria from multiplying, helping keep the inside of the refrigerator clean and hygienic.
When Silver Nano particles come into contact with bacteria, they suppress the respiration of bacteria. This, in turn, adversely affects bacteria’s cellular metabolism and inhibits cell growth.
As air circulates, the coated surfaces allow the silver ions to control the airborne bacteria. The spread of fungi and bacteria inside refrigerators is prevented, providing you with the freshest, cleanest and healthiest foods to enjoy.

Multi-flow Cooling System

Whether food is tucked far away or wedged between a ham and a hard place, everything in the Refrigerator is cooled evenly by our Multi-flow cooling system. Each shelf has multiple vents to maintain an even and constant temperature. So no food ever feels left out, ensuring food stays fresher for longer.

Clear View Icemaker

This extra fast, space-saving icemaker allows you to see exactly how much ice you have. Conveniently located in in the freezer door you will always be left with plenty of room to fill your freezer with the things you like.

Satisfy your thirst and conserve energy

Get yourself a snack and drink from the fridge – without ever having to open it. Instead of wasting energy opening the fridge door and holding it open as you scrounge around looking for that snack, just press a button and – voila! – the Soft Touch Home Bar delivers the drink and snack you were saving for just such an occasion. Satisfy your hunger and thirst in an instant.

Bigger or Wider, No Problem!

Need to store an extra large cake or a bulky turkey for a party? You can store bigger, bulkier items in the refrigerator and serve them at your convenience.

Spill-proof Tempered Glass

The shelves are designed to contain any spills and allow for an easy clean up.

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