Samsung Barosa is a new type of Samsung BMF, borne of insight and innovation. It is one of a leading class of 3.5 star energy rated bottom mount refrigerators* which consolidates core benefits of 10 year parts warranty peace of mind on the digital inverter compressor, with smart design and organisation.

Equipped with a Digital inverter compressor and LED lighting, it’s a beautiful blend of modern looking with an ergonomic interior and exterior design.

Aesthetically pleasing, it will stylishly match your kitchen. The adjustable guards, triple foldable shelf and railed drawer will store food conveniently according to you or your family’s needs.

* E3 Energy Rating as per Australian Government Rating. Search by two door fridge / freezer (type 5B) and capacity (400-500L). As of 5 October 2012.

Smart Senses for Outstanding Cooling

Samsung’s smart sensor system is a network of intelligent sensors designed to monitor refrigerator compartment temperature and humidity levels, even adjusting cooling performance based on a user profile of refrigerator operation. The Samsung Barosa is equipped with 5 sensors that monitor user’s patterns by detecting both internal and external environmental factors (climate, humidity and interior temperature) for outstanding functionality.

Easy to access controls strategically placed for ergonomic use on the cabinet wall instead of at the back of the refrigerator.

With the Barossa Series refrigerator, accessing the controls is a breeze. The display is placed up front above the top shelf, so you can easily access and control the settings without reaching awkwardly up the back.

Peace of Mind - 10 year digital inverter motor parts warranty^

The Barossa Series refrigerator comes equipped with a Digital Inverter Compressor which makes slight adjustments based on humidity levels and usage patterns to help maintain a consistent temperature. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a 10-year parts warranty on the digital invertor compressor, and 3.5 star energy efficiency.

^ See warranty card or for more information

Door guards adapt to your ever changing tastes

Since your shopping list changes from week to week, the Samsung refrigerator was designed with four individually adjustable door guards that help you easily and conveniently store your grocery items. The guards can be shifted higher or lower to accommodate taller bottles, while a deep guard holds bulky condiments or containers and/or two rows of beverage cans.

Refillable Water Dispenser

A compact refillable water dispenser nestled within the door provides chilled water without taking up excessive fridge space or the need to connect to your plumbing.

Dual LED Lighting

The LED lighting uses less energy than standard incandescent bulb lighting. Located on both sides of the refrigerator, Barosa’s interior stage LED lighting, allows users to find just about any item in the kitchen at night without turning on the lights even when your refrigerator starts to fill up.

Triple Foldable Shelf & Big Railed Drawer

The triple foldable shelving system allows you to store large bulky items; even those special dishes you prepared for that special event with your friends.

Long Bar Handle & Contour Door

The long bar handle is ergonomic and caters to almost all heights and sizes with its easy and comfortable grip.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.