How to install TuneIn radio on your WiFi refrigerator

Its easy! This new application will be pushed to your refrigerator automatically

1. Message will pop up on Home Screen

"S/W update is available. Update? Or you can update it later in Settings." => Updates will proceed when select "YES"

If user selects "YES"

Automatically the application will be uploaded to your home screen and ready to use.

2. If user selects "No"

You will see the additional indicator No.5 (S/W Update Notice) on the top left of the screen.

When you are ready to receive the new application and add the "Tune-in Radio“ feature

  1. 3. Click "Settings" among the bottom icons.
  2. 4. Then, click "S/W Update" and then "Upgrade".

5. Below is the updated Home Screen



3.                                      4.


How To Video Guide

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