Twin Cooling System

The refrigerator and the freezer compartments are controlled separately. No air moves from one to the other to help the fridge maintain the right humidity which in turn helps keep vegetables fresh, while the freezer is kept virtually.

10 Year Inverter Compressor Parts Warranty

From the 1st December 2011, this selected model will offer a 10 year warranty on Inverter Compressor parts only. For further information please click on this link and navigate to the Refrigerators Warranty tab.

Compartments in all the right places

Samsung’s French Door Refrigerator helps you to fit your groceries in with ease ,with all of the compartments in all of the right places. The SRF639GDLS comes with a vegetable & fruit drawer, 5 shelves, dairy compartment and more. If you like to do one large batch of shopping, the SRF639GDLS can certainly help to fulfil your needs.

Auto Pull-Out Drawer

The large slide-out drawer features a movable divider that separates various types of food for easy organisation.

Cool Safe Lock

This sealing feature is designed to help keep the cool air in the fridge.

Smaller Gap

A smaller gap between the doors compared to previous Samsung fridges helps to give a premium-quality, wider look.

LED lighting

Not only producing an outstanding light and looking great, LED lighting produces less heat, takes up less room, and uses less energy than a standard incandescent bulb.

Layered steel finish

Layered steel finish is easy to clean, looks great and matches other appliances within the kitchen.

Water & Ice Dispenser

The water and ice dispenser is on the outside of the refrigerator, so you can keep the door closed and refill your glass for a refreshing cold drink of water.

EZ-Open Handle

Designed to open with ease and close tightly. A slight tug is all you need to glide out even a fully-packed freezer.

Multi Flow

Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets at every shelf level. This provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator, and can quickly restores the proper temperature after the door has been opened.

A fridge within a fridge

A versatile closed compartment, Cool Select Pantry TM lets you select from the available temperatures you need at the touch of a button, based on the type of food stored.

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