A innovative fridge technology has allowed Samsung to create a fridge big on the inside with minimal change to the outside. Ultra thin insulation technology and a redesigned interior means that you can now enjoy a fridge big enough for your family and entertaining. Twin Cooling technology helps reduce odour transfer keeping your fresh food fresh. The Twin cooling system also helps to ensure your food stays fresh for a long time by helping to maintain the food’s natural moisture.

Deep and Wide Space

If you entertain often you need to store lots of food. Storing a cake for a birthday or a whole watermelon can be a big challenge. Plus, it can be efficient to stock up on groceries in one trip rather than having to go shopping for groceries often. The G-Series gives you ample space and still maintains built-in refrigerator dimensions so you can have both.

Modern Design

Like the foam on top of your espresso, the Cafe Look Design dispenser accents your kitchen, adding a touch of elegance and indulgence. The Clean-edged frontal view of the refrigerator has hidden hinges, the LED display is flushed to the door surface, and the Full stainless steel door brings contemporary style to your entire kitchen.

Fresh Innovations with Twin Cooling Plus system

Before you buy groceries or feed your family, you should think about the quality of your refrigerator. Can it keep your food fresh? For how long? Will the food taste the same after days in the refrigerator? With Samsung's refrigerator maintains humidity, so fruits and vegetables are exceptionally fresh.

White LED Lighting

Stylish and semi-permanent LED light illuminates both fridge and freezer, so things are easy to find.

LED Tower Lighting

Not only looking great, LED lighting also lasts longer, produces less heat, and takes up less space than an incandescent light bulb.

Blue LED display

Controlling the refrigerator is convenient and easy with the digital display. It shows the inside temperatures, when to change your filter and also controls the ice and water dispenser.

Multi Flow

Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets at every shelf level which helps maintains even and constant temperature.

Twist icemaker

A simple twist to dispense ice cubes. You can also move the icemaker to a different spot.

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