No need to spend extra money for buying bags. No need to spend time for looking for the right bag type for the cleaner.

Long Lasting Suction Power

There are two separate chambers. The inner dust chamber and the chamber for cyclonic air path helps prevent the dust particles in the dust chamber from being emitted again. This helps reduce filter clogging and deliver long lasting powerful suction.

Additional Features

Experience outstanding cleaning power thanks to Samsung’s Twin Chamber System™. Cyclonic air generated in the inner chamber forces dander, debris and nearly all fine dust particles into the outer chamber and away from the filter. This helps prevent clogging and ensures long-lasting suction power for a cleaner home.

Easy to Empty

Since dust particles have been collected in a separate outer chamber, there is minimal hassle with spills or additional cleaning. Simple but user-oriented structure helps reduce the hassle with big debris tangled inside such as tissues or hairs.

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