SC20F70HC Help clean your house effortlessly. Motion Sync Design™ enables smooth and easy movement, and CycloneForce multi maintains surprisingly powerful suction for a long time.

Recycling Batteries Responsibly

  • The European Directive on Batteries and Accumulators aims to minimise the impact of batteries on the environment and encourage the recovery of the materials they contain. In the UK, regulations on the recycling of batteries and accumulators (rechargeable batteries) were Introduced in 2009. The Waste Batteries Regulations aim to significantly increase UK collection and recycling of used portable batteries from 3% in 2007 to 25% by 2012, rising to at least 45% in 2016.

  • The battery symbol on a product or on its packaging indicates that the product must not be disposed of with general household waste. Instead, it is the consumer’s responsibility to dispose of their waste batteries at a designated collection point so that they can be recycled. The separate collection and recycling of batteries at the time of disposal will help to conserve natural resources and ensure that they are recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment. A comprehensive list of battery recycling centres can be obtained from: www.recycle-more.co.uk

  • All Samsung products that are subject to the Batteries Directive are compliant with the UK battery and accumulator Requirements. In accordance with national law, SAMSUNG Electronics (UK) Ltd is a member of an approved batteries producer compliance scheme. This scheme collects, treats and disposes of batteries on Samsung’s behalf.



  • Help clean your house effortlessly. Motion Sync Design™ enables smooth and easy movement, and CycloneForce multi maintains surprisingly powerful suction for a long time.

VC-F700G Bagless Canister Vacuum

The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner helps you clean your house effortlessly. It’s easy and quick to use as its Motion Sync Design™ enables smooth and easy movement. And the CycloneForce multi helps prevents clogging to maintain powerful suction for a long time by separating almost all the dust particles from the air.

Smooth and easy movement

Smooth and easy movement
The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner features a Motion Sync Design™ with a swivel body separated from the wheels, which helps make swift motion for sudden turns easy. The cambered wheels supporting the body assist to ensure a more stable motion without tipping or falling over, and are big and hollow to enable a smooth motion, so they roll steadily and easy with minimum effort.

Powerful suction that lasts

The Samsung vacuum cleaner’s CycloneForce Multi features an interior structure with fourteen inner chambers that create a multi cyclonic airflow. Its strong centrifugal force helps separate almost all the dust particles and debris from the air and keeps them from leaving the chamber. This is designed to help prevent the filter from clogging to maintain maximum suction power for a long time.

Dust detection and alert

Dust detection and alert
The Samsung vacuum cleaner features a Dust Sensor that signals a red light if it detects a dusty spot. The light changes to green when a large amount of dust has been picked up, so you can quickly move on to clean the next spot. The Dust Sensor handles are designed to help you to ensure everywhere is clean.

Easy to find accessories

The Samsung vacuum cleaner’s handle includes built-in Pipe, Dust and Crevice accessories. So whatever or wherever you need to clean, you can quickly switch to the most appropriate tool without having to detach it – or find it, which helps allow you enjoy fast, non-stop cleaning in a range of situations.

Easy to clean washable filter

The Samsung vacuum cleaner has a simple, sponge type foam filter, which captures high levels dust and can be easily washed and cleaned. A quick rinse is all it takes to help prevent the filter from clogging, which ensures enduring suction – and is designed to help you to achieve great cleaning results every time.

Advanced grip for spotless cleaning

The amazing adhesion of the Samsung vacuum cleaner’s Extreme Force Brush helps you to not miss a speck of dust. It diffuses pressure evenly over the brush to enable the powerful pick-up of dust and particles and help ensure an effective overall performance.

Easy to empty and clean

The Samsung vacuum cleaner’s bagless dust bin is simple to remove and empty. Quickly detach it with the push of a button, twist open the cover, tip the contents into the trash can and then effortlessly slide it back. Plus it’s easy to take out the filter and wash it with water.

Easy to reach controls

The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner’s Remote Control Handle makes it easy to turn the machine on/off and select the optimum suction power with its built-in control buttons. They are conveniently located on the handle and always within easy reach, so you can quickly change the power level, using radio frequency technology, without interrupting your cleaning.

tech specs

Dimension of VC20F70HUCC/SA

Dust Collection

  • Dust Bin Capacity

    2.0 ℓ

  • Bagless



  • Consumption Power

    2000 W

  • Noise Level

    79 dBA


General Information

  • Fully Detachable Handheld

    RF Handle

  • Digital Inverter Motor


  • Motion Sync Design™


  • Main Color

    Titanium Silver

  • Secondary Color


  • Rubber Wheels


  • Cordless Technology


  • Fully Detachable Handheld



  • Main Brush Head

    Silencio Force Brush (NB810)

  • Additional Brush 1

    Parquet Master (HB200)

  • Additional Brush 2

    Power Pet (TB500)

  • Additional Brush 3



  • Dust Sensor Handles


  • Furniture Pro Brush Head


  • Pet Cleaning Brush Head


  • Stair Pro Brush Head


  • Window Pro Brush Head


  • Crevice


  • Dusting Brush


  • Upholstery


Convenience Feature

  • Automatic Cable Rewind


  • Filter Change Indicator Light



  • Filtration


  • Pre-Motor Filter



  • Hose Type


Physical specification

  • Action Radius

    12 m

  • Net Dimensions (HxWxD)

    342 x 308 x 481 mm

  • Cord Length

    9 m

  • Weight (Net) kg

    7.04 kg

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