The new generation of Samsung Washing Machines features innovative technology with great programs to take care of all your fabrics. Our highly advanced washing machines will completely transform how you feel in your clothes. Seize the opportunity to look more stylish.

airwash technology

Samsung's Airwash system effectively removes odours from fabrics without getting them wet or using any detergent. Even delicate items frequently sent to the dry cleaners such as business suits, woollen blankets, jumpers and quilts.

diamond drum

The Diamond Drum has a unique embossed design which features water exit holes that are 25% smaller than those in conventional drums and are positioned deep within the diamond shaped depressions. The size and position of the water exit holes prevent delicate clothes from getting caught in them, minimizing the chance of clothes being damaged during the wash cycle.

special cycles

Cycles designed for specific wash scenarios, allow you to wash items appropriately. Select from Cotton, Synthetics, Delicates, Wool, Hand wash, Bedding, Towel and Curtain. Pre wash, Quick, Rinse and spin, spin, drain, additional rinse, rinse hold, no spin and wrinkle prevention options are also available.

ceramic heating element

Ceramic heaters are less susceptible to scale build up than conventional heaters. The result is improved water heating efficiency, less power consumption over time and a life of up to 10 years.

wide door

The door has been widened up to 480mm, giving 20% more space for easy loading and unloading. Ideal for large bulky items such as blankets and bedding.

other features

-Max. 1,200RPM spin speed
-Adjustable spin speed (0-400, 800, 1,000, 1,200)
-Wool mark certified
-LED display
-Digital Fuzzy Logic control
-13 cycle options including Quick Wash
-Child lock
-Delay start option-up to 19 hours
-Time remaining display
-Anti foam control
-Adjustable wash temperature
-Adjustable rinse cycles

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.