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popular questions

  • A. All 2008 model LCD TVs are equipped with HDMI 1.3 inputs.
  • A. Used in conjunction with the TV's WiseLink™ Pro function, the USB 2.0 jack lets you view JPEG photo files, MPEG video files and play MP3 files stored on a USB Mass Storage Class (MSB) device on L650(WiseLink™). and you can play Movie file above L750(WiseLink™ Pro) model.
  • A. To run a slideshow using WiseLink™ Pro, first insert a USB device containing JPEG graphic files into the WiseLink™ Pro (USB) jack on the TV. Press the WiseLink™ Pro hot key and go to Photo mode. Press the INFO button to display “View” or “Slide Show” and select Slide Show and press Enter.
  • A. WiseLink™ Pro lets you view photo (JPEG), video (MPEG) files and listen to MP3 audio files stored on or accessed through USB Mass Storage Devices such as flash drives, flash card readers, and flash memory MP3 players on your TV.
    To use WiseLink™ Pro, you attach your USB device to your TV's USB jack, and then access the WiseLink™ Pro function.
  • A. To attach your camcorder to your SAMSUNG TV, you use either the A/V (Video) or S-Video connections. Generally, we recommend using the S-Video connection. It usually provides higher quality video.
  • A. SAMSUNG WiseLink™ Pro does not support iPod players.
  • A. Supported Formats
    1. Image : JPEG
    2. Audio : MP3
    3. Video : MPEG1, MPEG2 PS/TS, MPEG4/H.264
  • A. Check the maximum resolution and connected device’s Video frequency. Compare these values with the data in the Display Modes.

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