Galaxy S

The Samsung GALAXY Camera gives you the magic of digital photography with the powerful intelligence of the Android™ Jelly Bean OS. It’s Samsungs smartest camera ever, with stunning photographic output and a range of shooting modes, editing features and various apps. Going pro is easy and fun.


Shoot Smart PRO MODE
The easy way to shoot virtually like a pro

Stop being jealous of the pros with their big cameras, and start taking great shots. Like trails of light at night on a busy intersection full of red taillights. Or instantly capture a high-speed scene with Action Freeze. A quick tap of Smart Pro Mode and you’re set with various special modes. Just choose the one you want and shoot.

Slow motion Slow Motion Video Sometimes slower is better

Instead of playing it back in slow motion, record it that way in the first place with Slow Motion Video. It captures your most precious memories at an amazing 120 frames per second and 720x480 resolution, and it plays them back slowly in magical, clear video, making your memories truly timeless.


121.2mm (4.77") HD Super Clear Touch Display
Enjoy your photos on a big screen right away

You don’t have to wait until you get back home to properly review and edit your photos. The GALAXY Camera’s 121.2mm (4.77") HD Super Clear Touch Display has an exceptionally sharp 308 pixels per inch and the full spectrum of glorious colours. With the new White Magic Technology, you can even double the brightness , and why not view your HD movies at a golden 16:9 ratio?

Minimal organic design

Minimal Organic Design Timeless, seamless, natural.

The design sets the tone, you take the pictures. The timeless beauty of the GALAXY Camera’s minimal organic design helps you take exceptional pictures because the stylish curves of the camera’s ergonomics place all the key controls right where they should be: at your fingertips. Inspired by nature, the design shares the same heritage of the Samsung GALAXY Series.

Voice Control Voice control* Don’t be shy. Talk to your camera

The GALAXY Camera does more than take great pictures. It also listens very, very well. By tuning in closely to what you are saying, the Galaxy Camera is able to execute your command. So don’t be shy- tell it to zoom in or out, set the timer, and snap the photo when you’re ready. And when you’re in the gallery, tell it to rotate, delete, and even share your photos. Yes, it really is that smart.


Photo Wizard Edit with ease

The GALAXY Camera packs an amazing set of 65 powerful editing features on board, giving you the opportunity to edit professionally with ease and while on-the-go. The new features take advantage of recent-technology, the ultrafast quad core processor, and that beautiful 121.2mm (4.77") HD Super Clear Touch Display, giving you access to features like Auto Face Calibration so you can edit in outstanding detail and with ease.

Movie wizard

Movie Wizard Stop dreaming about making amazing movies

Create expert videos without the expertise, using a range of intuitive new features. Movie Wizard on the GALAXY Camera will create stunning movies out of your videos quickly and easily from the touch screen.

Content manager SMART Content Manager Get organised without getting serious

Who doesn’t want to be free from the hassle of managing all that great content you created? GALAXY Camera's Smart Content Manager does it for you intelligently, creating folders, tagging faces, and even making suggestions to Smart delete pictures that didn't come out quite the way you wanted. Choose how to view your content with a dynamic range of viewing modes as well.


Share Shot Shoot and share fast
Remember all those annoying group photos that take forever because everyone brought their own camera? Well, forget it because now you can share your photos at the same time you shoot them with Share Shot. It lets you share your pictures with up to 5 other Wi-Fi direct devices within range. It works like a charm.

Cloud backup Auto Cloud Back-up# back up your photos in the cloud automatically

GALAXY Camera’s convenient Auto Upload feature can automatically saves your precious family photos into the cloud# as soon as you take them. Tell it where to aim and just take the shot. GALAXY Camera and the cloud will take it from there.

3g and Wi-Fi

Exceptional Connectivity (3G & Wi-Fi) Stay Connected Virtually Everywhere
Leave your laptop at home and save the luggage space. Straight from the camera, you can connect, upload, share, and even post your images to your favourite social media^. So the next time you're out vacationing and want to share all your memories with the folks back home, if you an internet connection the GALAXY Camera is just about the only thing that you need.

* Performance of voice function may vary depending on the language spoken and surrounding environment including ambient noise.

^ Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply.

# Cloud storage requires separate registration with the third-party service provider. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply.  Usage is subject to service provider agreements.

* All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.