The SAMSUNG E1130 is designed to match your outdoor lifestyle. With a durable casing your phone is protected from dust and water splashes.

Dust and Splash Water Resistance

The international protection rating IP54 offers you assurance that the SAMSUNG E1130 is protected against the elements, making it the most reliable phone for an active, outdoor lifestyle. With this feature you can be assured that your phone can withstand dust and water splashes without damaging your mobile’s performance.

Practical Outdoor Features

The SAMSUNG E1130 hosts a range of features that suits your active lifestyle including an in-built torchlight and a stereo FM radio with internal antenna.


Durable Outdoor Design

The heavy-duty casing of the SAMSUNG E1130 acts as a buffer absorbing shock when the phone is dropped and keeps the case from getting scratched. The durable screen protects the display against scratches, falls and other minor damage.

Upgraded security

You will be rest assured knowing the SAMSUNG E1130 comes equipped with helpful security features. Once set, Mobile Tracker alerts you when your mobile’s SIM card is changed by sending a message to a pre-designated number, helping you track and recover your lost or stolen mobile. SOS Message enables you to send a one-click automatic message to pre-designated contacts, alerting them in emergency situations or when you need assistance.

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