Easy-to-grip Comfortable Design

You will enjoy this ergonomic folder, which fits comfortably in the palm when in use and stores effortless into the pocket when it isn’t. The exterior design is simply sleek for a clean, modern and chic look.

Graphical User Interface

The Samsung E1150 features vibrant graphical icons and lets you change the look and feel of the user interface according to your preferences so you can make your phone match your mood.

Mobile Tracker

If your phone gets stolen and its SIM card is replaced, all is not lost. With the Mobile Tracker feature activated, your phone automatically sends a message to a pre-defined number when your sim card is removed and replaced, improving your chances of finding it.

Up to 300 SMS storage capacity

The storage capacity of the Samsung E1150 will enable you to comfortably store information on the phone without having to worry about running out of space. You will have the freedom to save important SMS – up to 300 of them!

Fake a call but send the message

Whenever you're in dire straits, or in an awkward social situation, discreetly turn on the Fake Call feature to make your ringtone sound and gracefully excuse yourself to answer the 'call'.

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