• Large storage
    you want
    A large capacity HDD (up to 500GB) to store lots of your favourite music, pictures and movies.*
  • Ultimate Design
    Remarkably thin (14.9 ~ 17.6mm) and light (1.49kg with SSD / 1.52kg with HDD), so you can take it almost anywhere.
  • Samsung
    Fast Solutions
    You can work and play with fast wake up
  • Brilliant Display
    Photos, video’, website’s and documents just looks stunning with a brilliant 13.3" screen.
* Samsung takes copyright seriously. Samsung’s applications are intended solely for private and domestic use. Any other use may be contrary to the law, including copyright law. It is a breach of copyright to record any broadcast other than solely for private and domestic use by watching or listening to the material broadcast at a more convenient time. Samsung does not authorise, sanction, approve or countenance any use of its applications that infringe copyright or are otherwise contrary to law.

Large Storage You Want

Having an ultra-portable notebook can mean sacrificing storage-.However,the Samsung Series 5 ULTRA has a large amount of space for your files.Its large capacity hybrid drive combines Solid-State-drive(SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to store up to 500GB of data,so you can enjoy lots of your favourite music,pictures and movies.

The Ultimate Design for On the Go

Carrying a heavy notebook can be a burden, especially for professionals who spend lots of time on the road. The Samsung Series 5 ULTRA is amazingly portable and designed for a mobile life. Because it's remarkably thin (14.9 ~ 17.6mm) and light (1.49kg with SSD / 1.52kg with HDD) it's easy to take it with you so you can have your own office, on the go.

Samsung Fast Solutions

You can work and play efficiently with the fast performance of the Samsung Series 5 ULTRA. Plus Fast Browsing makes frequently viewed web pages run fast.

  • Fast Start
    You can work and play with an "instant on".
    Fast Browsing
    Get the information you need,when you need it!Fast Browsing makes frequently viewed web pages run fast.
  • Expandable and upgradable features

    A lack of storage or memory can hamper your ability to work efficiently. The Samsung Series 5 ULTRA includes a HDD (max. 500 GB) has up to 8 GB of upgradable memory to help you multi-task effectively. Plus it includes a full HDMI port and VGA adapter.

Samsung Display Technology

Photos, videos, websites and documents just look stunning with the Samsung Series 5 ULTRA's 13.3" HD SuperBright screen and Image Enhancer technology. It has a 50% brighter screen compared to the Samsung RC/RV Series notebooks and a reflective resistant screen which can help you see clearly, even in the sunshine.

  • Professional Durability & Style

    The Samsung Series 5 ULTRA unites professional style and durability. The sophisticatedly simple and refined exterior is a cool metallic aluminium, while the underside is made with fibre glass that's light but tough against wear and damage. So you can deal with the bumps and knocks of life on the road - while still looking good.

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