Experience true entertainment

1080p Full HD technology is more than just entertainment, it’s an experience. With a compatible Full HD TV It will engulf and entertain you with spectacular detail – rich, eye-popping colours and super-sharp, realistic images that help enhance anything and everything on your screen. With our Blu-ray drives, you’ll feel like you’re seeing your favourite movie for the very first time.

Experience 3D

3D is now a reality. With vivid dimensions in picture depth and crystal-clear images that leap out of your screen, you will be fully immersed in the movies. Power DVD with support for Blu-ray 3D delivers this in an outstanding viewing experience. Broad 3D support : Power DVD delivers Blu-ray 3D to any compatible 3D displays and supports almost all 3D video file formats.
Screen image simulated.
3D TV and 3D glasses sold separately.

Enjoy the AV connectivity!

Compatible Samsung AV devices such as a compatible TV can be used to play multimedia files by connecting Samsung External ODD via USB cable sold separately. Just give it two light touches with your fingers to open and close the Tray, and the Drive goes into AV connectivity mode. It lets you enjoy a variety of content including music, pictures and video From now, Samsung external ODD is not only for storage but also for playing multimedia.

Let BD Advisor guide you through the Blu-ray.

Blu-ray lets you get the most out of your movie watching, so shouldn’t you get the most out of Blu-ray? That’s where BD Advisor comes in. It lets you unlock the power of interactive high-definition movie viewing with PowerDVD and Blu-ray Discs. BD Advisor helps you test your system and understand Blu-ray basics as well as suggest upgrades. Enjoy what Blu-ray has to offer.

Engineered for reliability.

Samsung’s Optical Disc Drives help maximise your Blu-ray experience. Not only do they help maximise Blu-ray resolution, their 2-lens and 2-laser diode system reads and writes CDs and DVDs with precision focus. Combine that with outstanding BD disc reading quality and DVD double layer disc writing quality, and you’ll find our Optical Disc Drives were built to be as reliable as they are enjoyable.

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