DVD+R 18X, DVD-R 18XWriting DVD+R dual layer 8X, DVD-R dual layer 8X, DVD-RAM 12X

Double OPC technology

Provides reliable, zero-error recording.

magic speed

Enables flexibility of drive operation, low noise mode, high-speed mode.

large capacity writing (up to 8.5GB)

SAMSUNG DVD writers are able to write on double layer DVDs, which consist of 2 writable layers. This means that you can write up to 8.5GB!    

firmware live update

Automatically upgrades the latest firmware version through internet for continued support of newer media.      

speed adjustment technology

Intelligent detection of media type. Error-free reading of all media types, increases life of drive. 

Tilt Actuator Compensation technology

Improves recording capability on deformed media.

buffer under run free technology

Prevents buffer under run error, enabling high-speed writing of media.

Weight Balance System technology

Mechanically designed for minimal vibration and noise.

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