Transform your PC with the Samsung 840 Series SSD

Slow PC performance may be the result of slow read and write speeds of the main storage, rather than a lack of CPU performance. Upgrading your PC s to a Samsung SSD 840 may help with enhancing your boot-up speed, application loading and overall multi-tasking performance.

Simple, 3-Step Upgrade Solution.

Samsung’s SSD 840 provided with the magician software will help migrate your existing data with ease. Follow the three step process; start program, start data migration and confirm and execute to upgrade your PC.

A powerful complement to Windows 8

Outstanding Multi Tasking Performance with Windows 8’s intuitive new Metro UI. Samsung’s 840 Series SSD helps ensure users will experience great and fast performance whilst working with multiple applications. The Samsung SSD 840 Series Random Read Speeds and Latency time help ensure that boot times can remain fast even after heavy OS use and application installs.

A True End-to-End, Integrated Solution

Samsung SSDs are designed completely in-house. Samsung builds all of the main SSD components itself. The result is outstanding performance with Toggle DDR2 NAND flash.

Toggle DDR2 NAND Flash Memory

Samsung’s Toggle DDR2 NAND flash chips enable data transfer rates of up to 400 megabits per second (Mbps) offering dramatic read speed and performance.

3-core MDX controller

More powerful than Samsung’s previous generation controller, the new Cortex-R4 CPU-based Samsung MDX controller accomplishes more under the same power conditions than the previous-generation Samsung MCX controller.

Help keep your data safe with Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) Technology

Gain some peace of mind with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption which aims to help keep your data protected. Samsung’s SSD 840 applies data encryption automatically, and you can re-purpose your drive or dispose of your data simply by erasing the encryption key.

A complete, user-friendly solution

The Samsung SSD 840 series is available with a user-friendly installation kit, including Samsung’s Magician software to facilitate easy data migration, an interactive installation guide, and installation tools for both desktops and notebooks.

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