Samsung’s Series 5 Home Entertainment System will take your 3D* experience into a new dimension with its true 3D video. You can enjoy immersive Full HD 3D images that pop out of your TV screen for an impressive 3D experience. The Wi-Fi** Dongle option means, movies, TV programs, or whatever you’re watching on your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player, can be seamlessly shared between DLNA certified devices, allowing you to enjoy an expansive range of multimedia content.

Crystal Amplifier Plus

Sound that’s crystal clear
Samsung’s proprietary digital amplifier technology, Crystal Amplifier Plus, delivers quality sound to your total experience. This innovative technology was designed to filter sound sources twice to help minimise distortion and produce crystal-clear sound. Now everything you hear sounds exactly the way it was meant to be heard.

iPod/iPhone Cradle*****

Keep your multimedia devices connected
Connecting your iPod and iPhone to your Home Theatre System is easy. Certified iPod and iPhone compatible, Samsung Home Entertainment Systems have a dedicated docking cradle for iPods and iPhones that allows you to enjoy playing multimedia files, like music and movies, and making phone calls in an amazing cinematic setting.


Share the content playing on your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player and Blu-ray Home Entertainment System with this easy to use feature. Using the Wi-Fi connection, movies, TV programs, or whatever you’re watching on your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player, can be seamlessly shared between DLNA certified devices, allowing you to enjoy an expansive range of multimedia content.

HDD embedded

Storing your files is easy
Designed with a built-in HDD, the Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player enables you to easily download and store your favourite digital content. All digital content stored in the HDD-embedded Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player can be converted into 3D content as long as you have a 3D TV. That means you can enjoy all of your saved digital content whenever you want. You can store files ranging in size up to 2GB.

Full Backward Compatibility

As you step into the next dimension of 3D Blu-ray entertainment, the Blu-ray Home Entertainment System ensures that you don’t forget the past. Featuring full backward compatibility, they are just as capable of playing that CD or DVD you have loved for years as they are of playing the latest 3D Hollywood Blu-ray blockbuster.

Power Bass

Give your system a big boost.
Your Samsung Audio Systems are designed to deliver a big bass sound. You can actually feel the bass sound grow powerful on the speaker system and with the same watt output.


Make a great connection
The HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows you to easily connect your compatible devices to process the TV’s audio signal without an optical cable.

Smart Hub

Smart entertainment
Take your TV viewing experience to the next level with the Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player. Not only will you be able to watch a dazzling array of Blu-ray content, but you can now access a whole new world of TV apps right from your couch. And with the built-in SmartHub feature, you’ll be able to easily find and watch movies online with the touch of a button. Plus, the combination of Samsung’s AllShare feature and optional Wi-Fi upgrade, you can create a wireless home network. Together, the features of the Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player will transform your TV viewing experience into a smart one.

BD Wise

BD Wise facilitates communication between connected AV devices, enabling them to share media information. This allows them to then create an optimised viewing environment for all multimedia formats.

Video Up-conversion

For unbelievable clarity in sight
With your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player, not only will you be able to watch movies, TV programs, and other Blu-ray discs at a high level, but also low resolution contents because of its HD Converting feature. This built-in benefit will up-convert SD content, including Internet streaming video, to create HD-quality images for great looking videos.

* For information on viewing in 3D mode go to

** To use Samsung’s AllShare™ feature, a Samsung Wireless LAN Adaptor is required. RRP $79.00. AllShare™ is a trademark of Samsung Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

***** iPhone not included.

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