Mounted to a wall or positioned atop an entertainment unit, the award-winning Samsung Soundbar Series 7 complements any flat panel TV and takes up minimal space. The warm sound produced by Vacuum Tube pre-amplification combines with the clarity of the Crystal Amplifier Pro power amplifier to deliver high-quality sound from movie and TV soundtracks, whether connected via cables to a TV, or wirelessly via SoundShare to a compatible Samsung Smart TV*.

Rich, enveloping sound

Vacuum Tube pre-amplification brings a warmth to your sound by enhancing harmonic elements and minimising ambient interference. The result is pure, rich tones for outstanding enjoyment of music and movie soundtracks.

Send the sound to the big screen

Soundbars with a wireless active subwoofer provide convenient, immersive sound to complement any flat panel TV without taking up a lot of space. SoundShare enhances that wireless convenience by using Bluetooth® to synch with compatible Samsung Smart TVs, as well as play music from compatible phones, tablets and PCs*.

Premium design for a stylish match

A design match for Samsung Series 8 and 7 Smart TV models, the Premium Aluminium finish of the Series 7 Soundbar raises the style appeal of virtually any home entertainment setup.

Great sound all around you

A Soundbar may not take up much space, but with 3D Sound Plus it can fill the whole room sound! Using audio processing technology to analyse video soundtracks, 3D Sound Plus creates waves of vertical sound to complement conventional front and rear surround effects and envelop you in an exceptional listening experience.

Pure, clear sound with plenty of bass

The clarity delivered by the Crystal Amplifier Pro technology in the Series 7 Soundbar is complemented by rich, resounding bass from a wireless down-firing subwoofer, producing 310 watts of total power.

Great compatibility with audio formats

A Samsung Soundbar can play virtually all the audio formats you throw at it, so compatibility issues are minimised. Capable of reproducing the 5.1 channel DTS and Dolby Digital soundtracks on DVD and Blu-ray discs, Samsung Soundbars will also handle popular MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC and WAV formats with ease!

Play almost anything via USB

With USB connectivity, Samsung Soundbars enable you to play music and other files straight from compatible USB hard drives and thumb drives. Soundbars can recognise most popular file types, and make use of six DSP modes to enhance audio playback from devices such as an MP3 players and smartphones.

*SoundShare is available on Samsung LED TV models F8000, F7100, F6800, F6700, F6400, Audio Dock DA-E750 and Bluetooth® enabled smartphones and tablets.