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Air Conditioner Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best air conditioner

With air conditioning, it's possible to experience the bliss of sprawling in front of the cold air on a sweltering day. On a hot summer’s evening, you can have a cool night’s sleep, and the whole family will be able to relax without sweating.

A happy family sits in the living room
Tips on buying a microwave oven

Microwave Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best microwave

Learn everything you need to know about how Samsung’s microwaves work with Samsung’s Microwave Guide.

Fridge Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best fridge

Learn five smart tips to help you choose the best fridge suited for your lifestyle.

Fridge buying guide and tips
Samsung canister vacuum cleaner in living room

Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best vacuum cleaner for you

Vacuuming can be a tiring task, and unfortunately houses don’t clean themselves (yet). So we’ve done the homework to help you find a vacuum cleaner that makes the job easy, speedy and fuss free. That means you can spend more time hanging out with the kids, or get to that yoga class or sports game sooner.

Mum and child playing with blocks while the robotic vacuum cleans the carpet

The convenience of the robotic vacuum - 'The Powerbot'

The only robot vacuum on the market that’s keeping the ‘Monica Gellar’ in me at bay.

Chocolate Tart Recipe

Chocolate Tart Recipe

Like your desserts rich and chocolatey on a biscuit base? Then read on for Eric Frechon's Chocolate Tart recipe.

Sweet Potato Mochi Recipe

Connoisseurs of exotic dessert will love Mochi, a Japanese glutinous rice cake made even more sumptuous with Sweet Potato, Yam and Kuzu.

how to make sweet pototo mochi
Reheating pizza in the microwave Small KV

The Art of Microwave Reheating

Cooking shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules seldom demonstrate the skill required for microwave reheating, but learn these tips below and you’ll savour leftovers instead of suffering cardboard pizza and other “unchewable” edibles.

Winter Soup Recipes

Winter Soup Recipes

Soup is comfort food for winter. Here are two simple and delicious favourites; Carrot, and Cream of Mushroom. Both require very few ingredients and can be prepared quickly.

Risotto Style Pasta Recipe

Triple Michelin-starred Chef Eric Frechon has a risotto inspired macaroni recipe that’s ideal for a delicious home cooked Mother’s Day meal.

Risotto Style Pasta Recipe
Roasted Duck Breast Recipe

Roasted Duck Breast Recipe

Roasted duck breast and carrot tagliatelle with honey, cumin and sesame by Chef Eric Trochon

Laundry and Washing Tips

Old fashioned know-how combines with Samsung laundry technology to give your washing the care it deserves.

Laundry and Washing Tips