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Laundry and Washing Tips

Laundry and Washing Tips

By Samsung Australia,  28.04.2015.

Old fashioned know-how combines with Samsung laundry technology to give your washing the care it deserves.

Laundry Load

For optimum results don't exceed your washer's maximum capacity, even if it means running two loads. This is to ensure your clothes are properly laundered, and to help keep your washing machine operating the way it was designed to.

Little girl pretending to wash delicate laundry

Fabric Settings

Always check the laundry tags for each item's fabric type and specific washing instructions. Some items are simply not meant to be laundered but dry-cleaned (items made from multiple fabrics, for example).

If your washer doesn't cater to the exact delicate fabric type (Tencel, for example), err on the side of caution and opt for a delicate setting with a slow spin cycle.

Selected Samsung washers, such as the WW7000 8.5kg Front Load Washer feature multiple fabric settings, such as: Cotton, Synthetics, Sports Wear, Delicates/Hand Wash, Wool,

Quick Wash, Daily Wash, Dark Garments and other specialty modes.


We recommend colour-safe, bleach-free detergents for tough stain removal while keeping colours bright, and regular chlorinated bleach for whites.

Water Temperature

We recommend washing in cold water. If you own a Samsung washer, use the Bubble Wash function to help to dissolve the detergent before the wash cycle begins.

Drying and Ironing

Line drying after washing can help minimise wrinkles. Consult your clothing tag for specific instructions such as drying the garment on a flat surface (to help preserve shape and prevent stretching the fibres) and drying it away from direct sunlight. It will also help you identify what fabrics you can iron, and others you shouldn't.

Machine Drying: If you own select Samsung washer/dryers, like the WD10F7S7SRP 10kg Front Load Washer, you'll love AIR Wash, which uses air to gently freshen delicates such as blouses or bedding, and even stuffed toys! Machine drying for longer than necessary or at high temperature can shrink clothing and damage fabric. If you are unsure of the settings opt for shorter drying time and lower temperatures, and be careful not to pack the dryer too tightly as this prevents airflow from reaching garments evenly.

mom and child folding fresh laundry