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Mum and child playing with blocks while the robotic vacuum cleans the carpet

The convenience of the robotic vacuum - 'The Powerbot'

By Samsung Australia,  13.11.2015.

The only robot vacuum on the market that’s keeping the ‘Monica Gellar’ in me at bay.

If I had to pick an alter ego, it would have to be Monica Gellar. Like the Friends alum, I'm organised, I'm particular and above all else, I'm CLEAN.

Yes, I value cleanliness to a fault.

With this (unique) personality trait comes one very large burden - nothing is ever clean until it is 'Candice-clean'. In fact, I may or may not have lost sleep over a former flatmate's dirty sock parading itself around my living room – for FIVE whole days. And that is a huge waste of my time.

Until now, that is. I'm pleased to report that the Samsung Powerbot, a robotic vacuum , is reining in my Type A personality - one powerful suck at a time.

good suction power

This may sound a bit like an invention of the future - something you'd find within the pages of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World or up on the silver screen with Michael J Fox in Back to the Future. But it's not. This robotic vacuum is complete with Digital Inverter Motor Technology, meaning that it has good suction power, easily picking up dirt and dust with every clean - and on any surface like carpet or timber floors.

It also happens to be Australia's most powerful robotic vacuum.

Samsung Powerbot robotic vacuum

Now before I go any further, I should mention that while I may like things ultra-ultra-clean, I don't actually enjoy the cleaning part. I can't think of anyone that does, can you? In fact, out of 1,000 Aussies surveyed, vacuuming ranked the lowest on the enjoyment scale, with only 6 per cent of people enjoying this chore the most.

This is where the Powerbot comes to the rescue. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this robotic vacuum is its wifi capability. For those of you that are technologically handicapped like myself, that means that you can clean the house from almost anywhere, all with the touch of a button from your compatible smartphone devices , through the Samsung Home Appliances App. That means less work for you and more time for hassle-free poached eggs on Sunday mornings.

Before you ask, no it won't knock over the cat. In all seriousness, watching the Powerbot dart, dash and scamper from room-to-room, dodge chair legs, rush around obstacles, stop at stairs and zoom right past a room it has already vacuumed is pretty spectacular. I'd assume it was some sort of wizardry if I didn't already know about its clever software, 10 sensors and onboard digital camera. This awareness is what Samsung likes to call Visionary Mapping™ plus system which creates a clever floor plan of YOUR home generated by the Powerbot and stored in its super intelligent little brain.

Samsung Powerbot robotic vacuum

Amazing, I know. But the best bit? The Powerbot will even find its docking station for recharging when the battery is low – after a solid 160 minutes of cleaning, mind you.

And if you're feeling REALLY lazy - like we all do from time to time - you can test out the 'Point and Clean' function. Yep, sit back on the couch, unwind and simply use the Powerbot remote's inbuilt laser pointer to lead the vacuum to a specific spot. And let it suck, suck, suck away until you're happy. That may sound too good to be true, but the reality is it's just ridiculously convenient.

With so much extra free time up your sleeve, ah, Netflix anyone?

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