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Samsung canister vacuum cleaner in living room

Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best vacuum cleaner for you

By Samsung Australia,  14.09.2015.

Vacuuming can be a tiring task, and unfortunately houses don’t clean themselves (yet). So we’ve done the homework to help you find a vacuum cleaner that makes the job easy, speedy and fuss free. That means you can spend more time hanging out with the kids, or get to that yoga class or sports game sooner.

Samsung Navibot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuums

At last, a robot appliance! Sit back and relax and do the things you love (which isn't vacuuming) and leave your robot vacuum cleaner to do the work.

The sleek black copper Samsung PowerBot is a smart choice because unlike other robotic vacuums, it has powerful suction across various floor surfaces, including carpets. Packed with smart technology, the PowerBot also has a full view sensor to help it detect obstacles; point cleaning so you can easily guide it to dusty spots using the remote control; and cameras that map your home for an efficient cleaning path. Another smart choice is Samsung's Navibot robot vacuum, which navigates back to its docking station and empties itself.

Keeping your back straight

Sometimes we're too busy to notice our posture when doing housework, but it's important to protect your back and choose a vacuum cleaner that saves you bending too often. Upright vacuum cleaners , such as the Samsung Hybrid Uprights , have well-designed detachable handles that turn into a lightweight, independently powered vacuum wand, complete with its own motor and dust chamber.

These features make it easy to vacuum stairs, ceilings, upholstery and crevices without having to stretch a hose or bend down to change attachments.

Upright vacuum cleaner
Mother and daughter playing with blocks in a living room

Do less work

Look for a machine with powerful suction, so the vacuum cleaner does the hard work, not you. It cleans quickly, so you can enjoy life, whether it's watching the footy on telly or relaxing with a good book.

Samsung's CycloneForce Multi features an intelligent interior structure that separates dust and debris from the air and helps stop them from leaving the chamber. This helps prevent the filter from clogging to help maintain maximum suction power for a long time.

Move easily and quickly around the home

Vacuuming means moving around your home, so look for a relatively light machine that can turn corners easily and roll smoothly with minimum effort.

Samsung's innovative Motion Sync design is designed to ensure smooth and easy movement on canister bagless vacuums. A swivel body separated from the wheels makes the machine easy to manoeuvre, even when swift and sudden turns are required. The large cambered wheels (leaning in) are designed to help make it stable enough so it won't tip over easily.

Canister bagless vacuum cleaner