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Android Marshmallow tips and tricks on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

By Samsung Australia,  20.03.2016.

IT'S easy to get lost in a sea of jargon when hunting for your next mobile phone. Multiple brands, multiple operating systems, apps, apps and more apps - how do you tell which is the right one for you?

It can be easy to long for the old days of a brick that rings, to dodge the stress of wading through techno-babble.

Which is why Samsung is re-inventing the way it delivers the smartphone to the consumer.

Man holding Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge

Google Integration

Probably the most important innovation is the integration with Google.

Streamline all your daily smartphone operations, guided by your own personal assistant in Google Now. The Popular Science Innovation of the Year award-winning application brings information even closer than just your fingertips. Just speak your request, and Google Now will tap into the rich suite of Google applications to deliver fast, accurate and simple recommendations and guidance.

One of the greatest problems rival smartphones have is the constant juggling between applications. That is a thing of the past on Samsung phones with the introduction of Google Now on Tap.

Just hold down the home key, in whatever app you are using, and get the help you need while remaining in the application you are trying to use. Simple.

And all of your primary phone uses are synced through Google, including maps, photos and email, making accessing the services easy to use and streamlined.

Making your life easier

Having a pocket-sized computer at your disposal is supposed to make life easier, which is exactly what the latest Samsung smartphones aim to do.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge deliver technology that assists, but doesn't require a doctorate in IT to operate.

We've all seen joggers, commuters and people on the go listening to music on their mobile phone.

Have you ever tried to wrestle to get music on your phone? Syncing? It's more like sinking into hours of waiting time.

With the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, simply plug your phone into your computer, drag over your files and then get about your day.

Music lovers will be happy to hear that the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge include expandable storage, with a MicroSD card slot allowing you to boost your memory by up to 200GB - you can even store your apps on the card.

Clicked on the wrong app? This can be a nightmare all on its own for smartphone users as the phone takes control and takes you into tech-spheres you didn't dare want to tread in.

All of this can be erased by the addition of a back key - a key feature of Samsung phones that makes navigation simple and intuitive. The back key is located on the bottom right corner of Samsung phones.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge also have a 'split screen' mode that lets you view and transfer information between two different apps at the same time. To activate it, tap and hold the "Recents" button on the bottom left to view applications in split screen view.

Seamless Operation

Then there is the operating system. With new technology comes a new platform, and Android Marshmallow 6.0 has been designed to make your life easier.

It doesn't reinvent the wheel, so don't expect to have to reach for the 'How To' guides to learn how to use it. Quite the opposite.

Android Marshmallow 6.0 has been designed to refine and extend the core features of Android Lollipop to deliver a vastly improved experience. It works hard so you don't have to with usability improvements, but not all of its improvements are on the practical end of the spectrum.

The latest OS includes stunning animations, as well as 200 new emojis, giving it a slick, polished look and feel.

And, of course, it boasts its flagship introduction - Google Now on Tap.

Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge operating