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Creativity meets the Galaxy Note 5

Creativity meets the Galaxy Note 5

By Samsung Australia,  21.09.2015.

From photography and image editing to drawing and sharing, the Galaxy Note 5 is a powerful tool for creative projects. We invited the Vine celebrities at Australian animation studio Yell Design to take it on a test run.

Six seconds on the internet has earned the creatives at Yell Design plenty more than just 15 minutes of fame. Australia's first dedicated Vine studio, Yell is owned by Matt Willis, who's earned awards—including worldwide winner of the 'Animation' category in Tribeca Film Festival's #6SECFILMS—for his ingenious use of the short video platform.

At their Melbourne studio, Yell produce stop-motion animations for their own channel as well as for global brands—including Samsung! We invited Matt to test-run the new Galaxy Note 5 ahead of its Australian release. Read on to see its creative credentials in action.


At Yell, a new animation always starts with storyboarding—either in sketch-form or as a series of photos. Matt explains that at this point they're deciding on scenes and frames, camera angles, and what movement will happen in the Vine. This might be anything from a self-assembling snack to an exploding basketball.

Write on Lock Note 5

First up, he tries the note-taking and doodling function of the Galaxy Note 5, which can move the storyboarding process off the traditional whiteboard and into a portable/shareable context. If you're working on your own ideas on the Galaxy Note 5, don't forget you can click out the new S Pen and write straight on the screen—each doodle or note will save automatically.

Next up, Matt gives some more detailed drawing a go using SketchBook Express*, an app with multiple brush and colour options, big canvases and layer management. If you're creating a lot of files, the Galaxy Note 5 comes with up to 130GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage so saving isn't a stress.

artist using sketchbook with the  galaxy note5

Test shots

But you can't sketch all day when there's a Vine to make! Next the team move on to set preparation and some test shots. Matt explains that it usually takes about a day to source props and make a plan—then another day to shoot. They always test tricky parts separately (for instance, anything involving liquids) so they don't destroy the set.

He takes some stills from different angles. Test shots are easy on the Galaxy Note 5 with a quick launch feature to access both the front and back cameras—just double tap the Home button to open.

Photos taken on the Note 5 from all angles

When they're creating a Vine for someone else, Matt always sends through example images in advance. The Galaxy Note 5's new 'Pro' mode is helpful for this, with manual shutter speed, ISO and white balance control, plus RAW file handling. To choose his favourites, Matt tries the S Pen's new 'Air view' function—hovering over thumbnails to enlarge.

For image tweaking, the native photo editor includes flexible crop, rotate, colour adjustment and effects tools. And with the S Pen, image clipping is easy (even for awkward shapes). For advanced image editing, Snapseed 2.0 is a good match for the Galaxy Note 5's 5.7-inch screen.*


When they first started out, Yell made each animation inside the Vine app—but these days they shoot and edit separately, then import the video. A six-second stop-motion animation can include up to 180 still images. As Matt says, it's definitely a two-person job. And that job definitely requires coffee.

Waiting for some all-important coffees is a good chance to try the Galaxy Note 5's multitasking function. If part of your work involves social media, it definitely makes productivity easy.** Load Split Screen view to browse your albums while scrolling through Vine … or watch videos while you're emailing … or take a photo while you're messaging.**

multitasking on the note 5 using vine and checking images


When you're out a lot, it's also good to be able to share files with your main PC back in the studio—and AirDroid is a great app for this.* Matt sends a quick file drop to Jesse at HQ. Almost time to start the main shoot.

Using Air Droid to sync files across devices

Don't forget—even when you're in the studio, the Note 5 supports SideSync, which lets you mirror your phone's screen on your compatible PC.^ Good for sharing updates, whether you're outside or just in the next room. And the Note 5's camera includes an option to live broadcast on YouTube straight from your phone.^^

Now all that's left to do is take 180 photos!

But in case you can't wait, here's a Vine they prepared earlier:

Thanks to Matt and the Yell Design team for taking the Galaxy Note 5 out for a creative spin. See you on Vine!

*App must be downloaded. Internet or wifi connection required. Data and other charges may apply.

**Internet connection required. Data charges may apply.

^ Wifi or USB connection required to access Side Sync.

^^ Users must be logged into their Google account to access Live Broadcast on their compatible device. Internet connection required. Data charges may apply