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Galaxy S6 edge+ tips

Top Tips & Tricks for the Galaxy S6 edge+

By Samsung,  10.09.2015.

Go beyond the basics with these tips and tricks to help you make the most of your S6 edge+, from raw processing power to immersive viewing.

Photograph of a dog running with a ball taken on Galaxy S6 edge+

Controlling your display and camera

The Galaxy S6 edge+ is the bigger sibling of the Galaxy S6 edge, with a pixel-rich Super 5.7-inch AMOLED screen. How to make the most of its curved, dual edge display? Start with some easy-access tips for the screen and camera.

Remember, the default 'Adaptive' display setting changes automatically to help suit viewing conditions. But to really boost vibrancy and contrast, choose 'AMOLED cinema' or 'AMOLED photo' mode under 'Screen mode' in Settings > Display. The difference is pretty dazzling.

The Galaxy S6 edge's Split Screen function lets you view multiple apps simultaneously: just hold down the multitasking button on the bottom left for a few seconds. The top half of your screen stays the same; now choose a new app to open. Each app has plenty of display room on your 5.7-inch screen, but you can give either one more space by dragging the icon in the middle.

To quick-launch the camera, double-tap the Home button. And take a screenshot by pressing Power and Home together—or, if you've enabled gesture control, by swiping your palm. Learn more camera tips for your Galaxy S6 edge+.

Enabling gesture control and smart notifications

Turn on 'Motions and gestures' in Settings, and 'Direct call' will initiate a call to a contact when you lift the phone to your ear. 'Smart alert' vibrates when you pick the phone up. And you can mute instantly by flipping it over.

Hold down the Home button to launch Google Now, your personal assistant*. Tap 'Customise' from the top left menu, after you have opted to Get Started with Google Now, to choose what it notifies you about—reminders, weather, traffic info and more. Tap each notification 'card' to learn more, or swipe them away… Google Now will learn what you most want to see.

*Internet connection required. Data charges may apply.

Managing contacts with your Galaxy S6 edge+

One of this smartphone's most-loved features may be its edge display, which illuminates in different colours depending on who's calling, messaging or emailing you. Turn this option on in Settings > Edge screen > Edge lighting. In the 'People edge' setting, nominate up to five key contacts (with relevant phone numbers and email addresses), and allocate them a colour: blue, green, yellow, orange or purple.

Even when your phone is facedown, you can quickly reply to your contacts using the rear-facing Heart Rate sensor by touching the sensor for two seconds to dismiss an incoming call and send a preset text explaining you can't answer right now. Turn this option on in Settings > Edge settings > Quick reply.

Missed a call or a message? Respond later by pulling the colour-coded tabs on your Home screen. You can call, email or text right from the tab.

Managing contacts with your Galaxy S6 edge+

Customising your Galaxy S6 edge+

There's much more your edge+ screen can do! Depending on how you like to hold your phone, customise the 'Edge screen position' setting to display on the left or right side.

The Information Stream is a quick-glance ticker of news, sports scores, latest tweets, weather and more. Choose 'Manage feeds' to select from five default feeds: Briefing; Yahoo! News; Twitter trends; Yahoo! Finance; and Yahoo! Sports. Or download more: RSS Feeds; Whoscall – Caller ID & Block; and BILD Newsticker.

At the end of the day, you can also use your Galaxy S6 edge+ as a low-illumination night clock. Check the 'Night clock' option, and specify a block of time when it's on. And to help conserve battery life, nominate an 'Edge screen timeout' period, from 15 seconds to 15 minutes.

Customise your smartphone home screen and settings, just the way you like it.