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Letting Go

By Samsung Australia,  29.09.2015.

Letting go is a part of growing up. It’s not always easy, but some trends are probably best left in the past. Samsung #LettingGo takes a look at the trends of decades past that we’ve grown out of, from fashion, tech, hair and schoolyard fads.

The Eighties

The eighties in fashion meant acid wash, tie dye and a lot of leg-warmers. Technology was up and coming, with the introduction of portable cassette players and game consoles. The eighties was also era of the iconic mullet – a hairstyle that probably everyone is happy to hear is no longer a trend. Schoolkids spent their recesses with playing Rubix cubes and cabbage patch kids.

Lady in an eighties outfit
Technology trends through the nineties

The Nineties

Overalls, crop tops and jelly sandals were a 90s fashion must-have. The personal CD player was also the tech item everyone had to have. Space buns were in and every girl's hair was adorned with butterfly clips. Every kid in school had a Tamogotchi to play with or Pogs to trade at lunch time.

The Noughties

The noughties saw to hipster jeans, velour tracksuits and bandanas rising to popularity, and later fading into obscurity thankfully! Mobile phones began to become smart phones, and the mp3 player meant CDs were going out of style. The coolest hairstyles of the 00's were beachy waves or a faux-hawk - you can guess which one didn't last long! Kids were battling beyblades, trading tazos or weaving scoobies in the schoolyard.

Picture of a flip phone

Each decade brought something defining in fashion, tech, hairstyle and schoolyard fads. But you can't move on from the past without #LettingGo. With Samsung innovation, it's easier than ever to move on, when you can transfer some of the things you love from your old compatible smartphone directly to your new Galaxy S6 edge+ with Samsung Smart Switch.*

*Limitations apply. See Smart Switch Website first for details. Samsung takes copyright seriously. Only transfer content that you own or have the right to transfer.