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Smart Accessories for your Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Smart Accessories for your Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

By Samsung Australia,  28.04.2015.

Samsung Australia previews the sleek and stylish accessory range for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Wirelessly charging the Galaxy S6

Wireless Charging

I'm at the Samsung booth looking at a Galaxy S6 smartphone displayed on a saucer.

Given Barcelona's contemporary art scene, I think it's simply a creative visual display, when a voice nearby says, "Pretty cool, being able to charge the Galaxy S6 wirelessly like that."

What, no fumbling to connect the phone to a cable and adapter-plug?Nope, and then a guy in a Samsung t-shirt showed the gathered crowd how it works.

Simply plug the S6 and S6 Edge compatible charging pad (which can be purchased separately) in to a wall socket and place your smartphone on the charging pad. That's it.

Wireless charging for your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge is as easy as putting it down on an electronic saucer (or coaster).

Got You Covered

Never judge a book by its cover, unless you can see and read through it.

Well, Samsung's new book-style Clear View cover lets you do just that; you can actually view and read your smartphone screen through the protective front flap!

I was able to check the time, read texts, alerts and even answer a call on the Galaxy S6, all without needing to lift the Clear View lid.

Even with the cover on, the Galaxy S6 remained comfortable to hold. It wasn't too bulky or heavy (compared to holding it without a cover).

Other cover styles for the S6 are also available for purchase at the Samsung online shop:

S View: The S View cover has a transparent window for you to view the clock, text and call notifications. You can also call contacts through the display window.

Flip Wallet: The faux-leather Flip Wallet cover features an inside slot for business cards.

Protective Cover: The Protective cover helps protect the back of your phone, giving you unobstructed access to the screen display.

Samsungs clear view cover read through smartphone
Samsung S6 wireless headphones gives quality sound

That Sounds Amazing!

Sound quality makes a massive difference to the way we enjoy music, games and movies on our smartphones.

I can live without the audio cables though, and headed straight for the Samsung wireless headphone display when I spotted it.

These wireless headphones will be released in Australia in May, and it was worth lining up to test them out with the Galaxy S6 (also compatible with the S6 Edge).

First, both devices paired almost immediately. I tried them on and two things happened

  • - The cups were cushioned against my ears, comfortable across the top of my head, and looked stylish without being overly bulky
  • - Active Noise Cancelling kicked in, shutting out the sounds of the exhibition hall.

I listened to some music, controlling the headphones using the smart Touch Control Panel.

I received a call on the S6 as the song was ending, which I answered. There was no echo in our conversation as the Samsung exhibitor politely let me know the next person was ready to experience the wireless audio treat.

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