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Top 10 Dad Jokes for Father's Day

Top 10 Dad Jokes for Father's Day

By Samsung,  22.08.2016.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dad's out there and thanks for giving us the gift that never stops giving, Dad jokes!

It's Father's Day, a time to appreciate all the amazing things dads have done for us since we were born! From teaching us to ride a bike to awkward conversations about the "birds and the bees", dads have been there to support us through our toughest times and to share in our most joyous moments.

They have also been a brilliant source of some of the lamest and cringe-worthy jokes known to man, so today we would like to celebrate fathers everywhere with our top picks of the best of the worst dad-jokes we know!

Conversation with dad and child with dad joke
Daughter: Dad, I've got to run. I'll call you later!
Dad: Don't call me later. Call me Dad.
I am terrified of elevators. I'm going to start taking steps to avoid them.
Dad scared inside a lift
satellites just married
Two satellites decided to get married. The wedding wasn't much, but the reception was incredible.
Son: Help! Dad there's a spider on the computer?
Dad: Did it make a website?
Computer that has a web site built by a spider
Conversation between dad and child with bad dad joke
Son: Dad I'm so exhausted. Can you come pick me up?

Dad: Tired? There's a n'app for that!
Daughter: Hey dad, I've lost my phone. Could you please call it?
Dad: *walks around house yelling* "PHONE! PHONE!!!!
Dad yelling phone phone around the house
Dad without watch
Son: Dad I think I left my watch at home. Could you please look for it?
Dad: Sorry, I just don't have the time.
What did the mayo say when someone opened the fridge?
Close the door, I'm dressing!
Mayo shocked looking out of the fridge
Conversation about note 5 with pun
Daughter: Hey Dad, I got my hands on the Note 5 early!
Dad: OMG me too! *Shows picture of a $5 Note*
I met someone today. We have such a connection!
Sounds like she's the one! Maybe one day you'll call her "WiFi"
Ring with wifi connection

So there's our list! We hope everyone has an incredible Father's Day and make sure you celebrate in the joy of your dad's worst jokes.