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Samsung at CES

Samsung at CES

By Samsung Australia,  04.01.2016.

Samsung premieres a new suite of IoT ready products that showcase its unrelenting focus on innovation and technology to enhance your lifestyle and entertainment experience.

Tech enthusiasts are raving about Samsung's Internet of Things (IoT) ready products premiered at the annual Las Vegas Consumer Electronics tradeshow (CES) in January 2016.

CES is a proving ground for the latest consumer technology, and Samsung showcased a culture of innovation that has dominated post-show conversations for years (300 awards won, including 22 "Best of Innovation" accolades, between 2007 and 2016).

Here are the product highlights:

Crowds at Samsung CES booth

Television takes a Quantum leap – Samsung Curved SUHD TV

Samsung's tantalisingly slim KS9500 Curved SUHD Series took a triple bow at CES

  • TechRadar's Best of CES Award
  • HD Guru's CES Top Picks Award
  • Reviewed.com 2016 Editors' Choice

Samsung's new SUHD TV line-up will deliver true-to-life picture quality, breathtaking design and Samsung's smartest features ever to help consumers simplify their lives and connect to the world around them.

The entire range will bring Quantum dot displays and UHD HDR (Ultra High Definition High Dynamic Range) viewing into Australian living rooms this year, plus you will have minimal reflection glare, making your viewing experience comfortable, thanks to its Ultra Black technology.

Image of Curved SUHD TV and Soundbar

Sounds like the future: An evolution in Wireless Audio

Samsung's new HW-K950 soundbar featuring Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound will bring your pictures to life with an immersive cinematic audio experience. Sound will be raining down on you via the 5.1.4 setup, with its wireless rear speakers, taking your viewing to a whole new level.

When paired with the Wireless Audio 360 speaker series, you can have that "sweet spot" in every corner of the home. You'll have the opportunity to control your experience with intuitive touch on the speaker, or through your compatible smartphone, tablet, and now the Gear S2 and Gear S smartwatches.

Image of Samsung Fridge and Washer at CES 2016

Bring The Internet of Things Home with you

The kitchen is arguably the most popular room at your place, and Samsung's Family Hub refrigerator is its brain. It combines food storage and entertainment via a large display screen on the front door. From managing your groceries, to identifying foods you have or need, to tracking product expiration dates to help you cut down on waste, the Family Hub is your go-to resource to keep your kitchen fully stocked.

In a revolutionary advancement in refrigerator technology, three high quality cameras inside the fridge capture an image every time the door closes. You can then access those images anytime using your compatible smartphone and take a peek inside your fridge.

Use the display screen to control other compatible devices via wi-fi, such as the speakers above, and even the AddWash Front Load washing machine. The washer enables you to add stray garments or additional detergent to your wash mid-cycle, via a small chute within the front loading door. This chute door is equipped with a child-safety lock to keep little wandering hands out of harm's way.

Samsung Internet of Things Display

Practical & Ambitious Innovation

At CES 2016 Samsung proudly showcased innovations that enable appliances to enhance your lifestyle in extended ways, while adding eye-catching features to devices that make life more enjoyable for you and your family.

The products at CES 2016 were revealed by Samsung global HQ. Samsung Electronics Australia cannot comment about if, or when, each of the products will be available locally. Users should check Samsung Electronics Australia's website for availability, pricing or specification details relating to the products mentioned above.

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