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7 habits of highly efficient office workers

Everyone wants to be the high performer, but boosting your own productivity can be tricky when all you’ve got to go on is “work harder”. To help, we've taken the time to identify seven habits that often characterise highly efficient office workers.

7 habits of highly efficient office workers
5 ways to boost office productivity

5 simple ways to boost productivity in your office

New technology brings with it many new ways of working, which means businesses now have a multitude of different methods for lifting productivity in the workplace – but where do you start?

How Activity-Based Work (ABW) helps business achieve more

Activity-based working (ABW) is a concept designed to dissolve personal ownership over a working space and encourage collaboration. It has the potential to increase productivity and reduce overheads, and may well be how offices operate in future – Telsyte research shows that two-thirds of Australian companies aim to adopt ABW by 2020.

Activity-Based Work helps businesses
Internet of Things can help your business

How the Internet of Things could make business easier

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new technology trend in which everyday objects with network connectivity are able to send and receive information online. Although still in its infancy, the IoT is likely to have a profound effect on the way today's businesses operate. But how might business owners and their employees stand to gain from a completely interconnected office?

Improve your business tips

4 technologies to improve your business today

The office of the future is a riddle that both scientists and artists have been working to solve for years, but many technologies that currently exist could already hold the seeds of a simpler, more seamless working environment. Here we take a look at a handful that hold the potential to empower and connect employees in new ways over the coming years.