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Easy content sharing with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

There are times when you see something online you want to share with a friend or family member, but you don’t want the entire ‘Twitter-verse’ or everyone on Facebook seeing what you shared.

With more people using the internet ‘on the go’ than ever before, Samsung’s Quick Connect is making it easier to enjoy and share content directly with family and friends.

Share content on your phone with friends via Quick Connect
Futuristic gaming space with adventure game on monitors

5 Elements that Make the Ultimate Gaming Space

Between work, commuting and being with friends and family, time can seem like a scarce resource for today’s gamers. And the dead time many of us spend in front of a screen during the day makes those few hours we spend evading villains in Metal Gear Solid V or getting lost in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward all the more precious.

Samsung at CES

Samsung premieres a new suite of IoT ready products that showcase its unrelenting focus on innovation and technology to enhance your lifestyle and entertainment experience.

Samsung at CES
A Samsung TV shows an image of outer space

The evolution of television technology

For many decades, cathode ray tubes were the only TV displays available. This technology projected electron beams on a phosphor screen to make it glow.

Introducing the                                                                 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7

Introducing the
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7

The wait is finally over. The new Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7 have been unpacked in Barcelona, making everyone rethink what a phone can do.

A Samsung TV displays an amazingly bright and colourful image

Nanocrystal technology transforming TV technology

Scientists working in the field of nanotechnology deal with objects so vanishingly small, it’s hard to imagine them. Sizes here are measured in nanometres. To put this in perspective, the head of a pin is a million nanometres wide.

The value of owning a smart TV

In the old days, when TV’s were square and MacGyver was cool we would all sit down and force-fed whatever came down the tube. Now, we have a world of entertainment at our fingertips. We can enjoy whatever we want, whenever it suits.

A man is impressed while using his Samsung Smart TV
A couple admire their 4K SUHD Samsung TV

SUHD 4K: The Future of TV Has Arrived

4K technology is designed to give you more of what you love – bigger screens plus brighter, more colourful and truer-to-life pictures.

Video on Demand Apps - Various TV and movie stills

Video on Demand Apps

With great video on-demand apps, there can always be something to watch.

Share it around

Play content from compatible small screen devices to Samsung Smart TV, and from the big screen to the small!

Image of content being shared from a TV to a tablet
Smart Hub screen on a Samsung Television

Smart Hub

Powered by Tizen, the slick new 2015 Smart Hub gets you to the content you want, quickly and seamlessly.

Galaxy Tab S2 Makes Child's Play Out of Kids Entertainment

We asked Mamamia Women's Network writer and mother of three, Jo Abi , to review the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. And at first she thought, "Great, something else for the kids to fight over." But it wasn't long before she changed her tune - drastically.

White Galaxy Tab S2
Sunrise in the city on Galaxy Tab S2 screen

More reasons to love your Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung's popular tablet range has a sleek new entrant, the Galaxy Tab S2, and it will keep the whole family entertained.

Galaxy Tab S2

Put connectivity in your hands

We asked Mamamia journalist Alexis Carey to review the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and let’s just say, things got interesting.

Fridge Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best fridge

Learn five smart tips to help you choose the best fridge suited for your lifestyle.

Fridge buying guide and tips
lady letting go of a balloon

Letting Go

Letting go is a part of growing up. It’s not always easy, but some trends are probably best left in the past. Samsung #LettingGo takes a look at the trends of decades past that we’ve grown out of, from fashion, tech, hair and schoolyard fads.

Top 10 Productivity Tips for the Galaxy Note 5

What do you get when you combine a fast and more accurate S Pen with Samsung’s new Octa-Core processor and 4GB of RAM )? A phone designed to be as productive as you are! If on-the-go organisation is your priority, here's what the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can do for you.

Man using the gold Galaxy Note 5
Image from Another world awaits you TVC with characters from other worlds

Another world awaits you on Samsung SUHD TV

Another world awaits you… introducing the Samsung 4K SUHD Television that takes samsung picture excellence to breathtaking levels.

Samsung canister vacuum cleaner in living room

Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide: Tips on buying the best vacuum cleaner for you

Vacuuming can be a tiring task, and unfortunately houses don’t clean themselves (yet). So we’ve done the homework to help you find a vacuum cleaner that makes the job easy, speedy and fuss free. That means you can spend more time hanging out with the kids, or get to that yoga class or sports game sooner.

Setting up and Customising your Galaxy S6, S6 edge or S6 edge+

One of the most exciting things about getting new technology is customising it to suit your needs. If you're currently holding your box-fresh Galaxy S6 or S6 edge+, here's a helpful guide to setting up your new phone.

Galaxy S6, S6 edge and S5 edge+
Galaxy S6 , S6 edge and S6 edge+ Camera Tips

Galaxy S6 , S6 edge and S6 edge+ Camera Tips

The following tips from Samsung will help you get the most out of your Galaxy S6, S6 edge & S6 edge+ smartphone camera.

Top Tips & Tricks for the Galaxy S6 edge+

Go beyond the basics with these tips and tricks to help you make the most of your S6 edge+, from raw processing power to immersive viewing.

Galaxy S6 edge+ tips
Sydney Contemporary Opening Night

Sydney Contemporary Opening Night

Sydney Contemporary, Australasia’s international art fair, returns in 2015 from 10-13 September with Australia’s largest and most diverse gathering of Australian and international galleries.

Samsung Questacon technology partnership

Samsung Questacon technology partnership

Samsung Electronics recently became the Technology Partner for Questacon, The National Science and Technology Centre. To celebrate we're giving away 25 family passes!

Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5 Unpacked

Everything you need to know about the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and Note 5 from unpacked 2015 in New York

Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 Unpacked
Improve your business tips

4 technologies to improve your business today

The office of the future is a riddle that both scientists and artists have been working to solve for years, but many technologies that currently exist could already hold the seeds of a simpler, more seamless working environment. Here we take a look at a handful that hold the potential to empower and connect employees in new ways over the coming years.

How Activity-Based Work (ABW) helps business achieve more

Activity-based working (ABW) is a concept designed to dissolve personal ownership over a working space and encourage collaboration. It has the potential to increase productivity and reduce overheads, and may well be how offices operate in future – Telsyte research shows that two-thirds of Australian companies aim to adopt ABW by 2020.

Activity-Based Work helps businesses
7 habits of highly efficient office workers

7 habits of highly efficient office workers

Everyone wants to be the high performer, but boosting your own productivity can be tricky when all you’ve got to go on is “work harder”. To help, we've taken the time to identify seven habits that often characterise highly efficient office workers.

5 ways to boost office productivity

5 simple ways to boost productivity in your office

New technology brings with it many new ways of working, which means businesses now have a multitude of different methods for lifting productivity in the workplace – but where do you start?

How the Internet of Things could make business easier

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new technology trend in which everyday objects with network connectivity are able to send and receive information online. Although still in its infancy, the IoT is likely to have a profound effect on the way today's businesses operate. But how might business owners and their employees stand to gain from a completely interconnected office?

Internet of Things can help your business
man watching stars at night

Night Time Photography

When it comes to photography, there isn't much more challenging and rewarding than capturing images at night. Read William Patino’s expert tips.

Smart Accessories for your Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Samsung Australia previews the sleek and stylish accessory range for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Smart Accessories for your Galaxy S6 and S6 edge
Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge announced

Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge announced

Samsung took centre stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, unleashing TWO flagship handsets: the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which features a world first dual-edge display.