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A man is impressed while using his Samsung Smart TV

The value of owning a smart TV

By James Rose,  18.12.2015.

In the old days, when TV’s were square and MacGyver was cool we would all sit down and force-fed whatever came down the tube. Now, we have a world of entertainment at our fingertips. We can enjoy whatever we want, whenever it suits.

The connectivity between Smart TV's and the devices we use daily has brought platforms like Netflix, YouTube and catch up Apps1 right into our living rooms, making for the ultimate in DIY home entertainment and enabling you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

Take Samsung's new SUHD TV's. SUHD is Samsung's term for its new line of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV's. This is the latest in the evolutionary line of Samsung's LCD TV's which have 3,840 pixels in horizontal resolution.

These TV's are smart. Super smart, and they add so much value.

Super compatible

Samsung's SUHD TVs are compatible with various Samsung devices, from smartphones to speakers to tablets. This makes the Samsung SUHD TVs another solid branch in the fast growing smart-tech tree market leading companies like Samsung have already established and continue to grow. Online videos, photos, games and social media never looked so good. Sharing your life with friends and family just became even more fun.2

Apps like YouTube, Netflix, ABC View, or SBS On Demand are now at your fingertips. 1 This is TV at your service. Binge sessions are now on the menu when you've got some mates over or you just need to run a marathon with your fave program.

And you don't have to miss stuff either. TV on demand means you can go out on when your show is on and watch it when you get home, or on another day.

A man uses his compatible Samsung device to display an image of beach cricket on his phone, on to his Samsung TV

Nanocrystal Technology

This is where we throw in the words nano and quantum and get very cute.

Samsung's SUHD TVs are able to able to reproduce the most realistic life-like images, as a result of these tiny quantum dots. This uses technology at nano scales.

A series of bright pixels and shapes

Amazing contrast

But, there's more. Samsung's High Dynamic Range adds layers of depth and stand-out quality to the screen's contrast. This feature is considered by some to be even more important when reproducing colour to really bring screens to life. The brightness in SUHD TVs delivers a broader spectrum of colour resulting in exceptional picture quality.

With the curved screen on the Samsung JS9500 SUHD TV model, the effect is like nothing else you've ever seen in your lounge room.

A Samsung TV depicts an image of the Earth from outer space

Home of the Future

Lounge rooms these days have become like individual office spaces, where we run our non-work existence, like big time CEOs of our own off-hours personality. The power to be who we want to be is right at our fingertips. With new smart TV's like the SUHD TV's, TV technology, interactive and on-demand, across multiple media platforms is taken to another level.

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