Here's a few tips for setting up your new smartphone
Galaxy S7
3 tips for setting up your new S7
Ahhh, the beautiful Galaxy S7. Great choice. A brilliant smartphone, and setting up is a piece of cake. Here's a few handy tips to get started.
Tip 1: Start with Smart Switch
Use Smart Switch to move your contacts, music, photos and more from your old device to your new S7. It's easy, fast and you can keep all your favourite content.
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Tip 2: It's all here with mySamsung
With the mySamsung app, you can register your warranty, set up the find your mobile service, get 24/7 in-app customer support and see more tips and tricks.
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Tip 3: Visit us in store
Got a question? Want to get your Galaxy S7 set up just the way you like it? Our Samsung team are always happy to help. Just pop into your local Samsung Store.
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