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Get to know your new Samsung Galaxy S7
One of the best things about switching to a Samsung phone is discovering all the new features available to you. We've chosen a few of our favourites from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to help you get the most from your new smartphone.
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Quick Access to Settings
You can get instant access to your phone's essential settings, like the torch. Just swipe down the Notification Panel with one finger, or swipe down with two fingers to get extended settings.
Quick Call Reject
Can't take a call? Reject it and send a tailored auto-reply message by tapping the arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen.
Take a Screenshot
Taking a screenshot to send or save couldn't be easier. Either hold down the home and off buttons simultaneously, or swipe across the screen with your palm to Smart Capture.
Always On Display
View your calendar, missed calls and message notifications at a glance, with minimal drain on your battery. Just select 'Always On Display' from your background image settings.
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