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Galaxy S7 | S7 edge Gear IconX Set yourself free.
Take fitness and fashion to the next level
The innovative Gear IconX is here. The cord-free earbuds sit comfortably in your ear and can help keep you motivated while you exercise with up to 1,000 stored songs. Plus, they are designed to measure your heart rate§, track your stats and more.
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Stay on track. Gear Fit2
Gear Fit2 looks smart and thinks smart
The slim and lightweight Gear Fit2 keeps you on track, monitoring how many steps you've taken, your heart rate§ and how many floors you've climbed. And when connected to a compatible smart phone, you'll never miss a notification, SMS or call. It's the perfect companion for your day to day.
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It's you time. Gear S2
The Gear S2 – our most beautiful smart watch to date
With an elegant circular face and sleek design, the Gear S2 is our most beautiful smart watch yet. The unique rotating bezel gives you easy access to notifications and features, plus with 21 pre-loaded faces, you're ready for any occasion.
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