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5 Megapixel Camera
The Samsung F480’s 5 megapixel camera allows you to take stunning, professional quality photos whenever you want.

Bursting with the latest in digital camera technology including Face Detection, Smile Shot, Auto Panorama Shot, Wide Dynamic Range, Auto Focus, Image Stabiliser and LED Flash, rest assured that your memories will be captured perfectly.

Smile Shot
Revolutionary Smile Shot technology ensures all your photos turn out perfect, first time round. Once you hit the shutter button, the camera won’t take the photo until it detects that all participants in the photo are smiling.

Face Detection
Regardless of the composition of the picture, the faces of your subjects are automatically recognised and focused.

When Face Detection is activated, the focus and brightness settings are adjusted optimally for beautiful portrait pictures.

Auto Panorama Shot
Auto Panorama Shot lets you stitch together the ends of panoramic pictures to create one large image.

Combine up to 4 multiple shots to ensure that all surroundings are included within an 180 degree view. The inbuilt gridview automatically recognizes once the phone has been rotated to the new position and automatically takes the next photo.

Power LED Flash
With a Power LED Flash the Samsung F480 can be used in any lighting condition, providing enough light to capture images at night and in times of bad lighting.

Guarantee Great Pictures in Shadows
Wide Dynamic Range technology enhances the lighting in all situations to reduce the effects of shade and bad lighting. This technology works together with the LED Flash to ensure higher quality photos.

Bye Bye Blur
Ever take a spur of the moment photo you thought would turn out great only to have it come out blurry? Closing the gap between phones and digital cameras the Samsung F480 features an Image Stabiliser and Auto Focus.

The in built Image Stabiliser works by detecting moving objects so you can take action shots. It also helps compensate for shaky hands whilst Auto Focus ensures that images turn out perfectly by automatically adjusting the lens to accommodate for the surrounding environment, refocusing every time you go to take a photo.

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