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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5

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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5
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An amazing screen

With its outstanding 5.5" HD Super AMOLED screen, the GALAXY Note II offers exquisite clarity and an immersive wide-screen viewing experience in a handheld device. Colours are vibrant, text is pin-sharp and with the large screen space you'll see it all in one view.

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Multi-tasking in the one screen

With the Samsung GALAXY Note II you can do multiple tasks on the same screen at the same time without having to change screens. The Multi Window function effectively lets you split your screen so you can use two apps at once. For example, browse the web** and write some hand-written notes or even check your Facebook** and respond to a text message.

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Creativity unleashed

The Samsung GALAXY Note II lets everyone be super creative. The S Pen and S Note provide a number of additional features not previously available on the Samsung GALAXY Note such as additional writing tools and notepad templates. Colour Picker is a new feature in the S Pen settings that can capture a colour from any image to use for drawing. And there are diverse sketch effects such as Auto Outline which transforms photos into sketched outlines. Idea Sketch lets you jot down quick ideas (drawn or handwriting) and the Easy Clip* function lets you cut out content from other pages.

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The Samsung GALAXY Note II is now available at:

Galaxy Note II on Yes Optus



  • For the $60 Optus plan^+
  • $7^ per month handset repayments over 24 months. After your $20 handset credit+.
  • Total min. cost $1,608
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Galaxy Note II on Telstra



  • Pricing coming soon - click below to pre-register your interest
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Galaxy Note II on Virgin Mobile



  • $10 per month on Big Plan#
  • 59 plan# over 24 months
  • Total min cost $1,656
  • $700 Call Credit
  • Unlimited standard text to any standard Oz mobile within Oz
  • 3GB Data
  • Unlimited mobile calls & text Virgin to Virgin within Oz
  • Rollover your unused credit
  • Free Voicemail in Oz
  • International calls & text included in plan credit
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Galaxy Note II on Vodafone



  • $5 per month on a $60
  • plan## over 24 months
  • Total min cost $1,560
  • $700 included value to spend on plan inclusions
  • Infinite standard national voice calls to Vodafone mobiles
  • Infinite standard TXT sent to personal mobile numbers
  • 1GB of mobile internet data
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*Samsung takes copyright seriously. Samsung's applications are intended solely for private and domestic use. Samsung does not approve, authorise, sanction or countenance the use of any of its products that infringe copyright or any other law.

**Internet connection required. Date and subscription charges may apply.

^Optus: Cancellation fees and excess usage charges apply for all Optus Plans. Handset repayments include a handset credit. If you cancel your plan during the contracted period, any handset credits will be forfeited and you must pay the remaining handset repayments in addition to any cancellation fees. 4G Coverage: Optus 4G is available in selected areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth. Outside 4G coverage areas, Samsung Galaxy Note II will switch to the 3G Dual Band network. See for details.

#Virgin: Postpaid mobile (24 month plan): Approved customers only. A 24 month contract is required. Leave when you like just pay the balance of your handset (if any), your outstanding charges and $250 if you leave if the first 6 months. Plan credit applies to standard national & international (as indicated) calls, text & MMS & 1300 numbers (excluding VMA customer service) only. Any unused plan credit rolls over to following month only and is used once the following month's plan credit is exhausted. Unlimited offers are subject to our Fair Use Policy. Included data has 1 month expiry & excess usage is charged at 20.5¢ per MB (charged by KB). 1st bill is pro-rated from date you connect to start of your next month's bill.

4G: Those lucky folk with compatible 4G devices connected to any Virgin Mobile postpaid plan will be able to use the Optus 4G network where it's available. Outside those areas you'll fall back to the Optus 3G dual band network. A number of factors may affect coverage including location, demand on the network and the use of an external antenna. See for details.

##Vodafone: Approved customers only. Minimum monthly spend is $60 plus any applicable handset / mobile repayment fee. Early exit fee for your plan: $66 x months left on contract, plus any applicable handset / mobile repayment fee. Unlocking fee applies. Vodafone Pty Limited. ABN 76 062 954 554