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Different minds come together
to investigate a real problem.

1+1=3 Can one plus one become three? We believe technology can help
two people from different fields come together to investigate a problem.

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The Problem

Concussion in sport

One of the most horrific injuries in contact sports is CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) is a neurodegenerative disease that can result from concussions.

It can wreak havoc on the brain, leading to loss in movement skills, memory problems, aggression, anxiety, depression and dementia.

Samsung wants football and other great Australian sports to thrive and flourish as much as anyone. We want to investigate ways that we can all safely enjoy these great sports for years to come.

The Experts

  • Braden Wilson Technologist

    Braden is an industrial designer who specialises in technology, innovation and rapid prototyping.

  • &
  • DR. ALAN PEARCE Neuroscientist

    Alan is a neuroscientist heavily involved in research and education on concussion neurophysiology.

See what happens when the talents of these two experts are combined with Samsung technology.
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