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Welcome to mySamsung – a customer care program that helps you easily set up, manage and optimise your Samsung phone. It offers a wealth of tips, tricks and carefully selected content for you. It also provides easy access to Samsung customer service when you need help and be the first to be updated about promotions or special privileges.

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​Set up your new Samsung. Discover its many wonderful features. Make it more you. Transfer your personal data. And keep their warranty and purchase information handy. Do it all, and more, at mySamsung.

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Get ready to be amazed. And amazing. mySamsung brings you a wealth of tips and tricks about your device that help you make the most of all its awesome features.

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Optimize your Samsung

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answers here.

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What is mySamsung?
mySamsung is our new customer service app that helps you easily set up, manage and optimise your Samsung phone. It offers a wealth of tips and tricks and also provides easy access to Samsung customer service
​Any fees to join mySamsung?
​None! It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Samsung.
​Who is eligible to join?
mySamsung is currently offered to owners of selected Galaxy devices in your country. Please refer to the complete device list on the Google Play Store.
What are the benefits of mySamsung app?
  • mySamsung provides you many ways to get more, do more with Samsung mobile devices:
  • Manage your devices
  • • Register your device under your account
  • • Manage all your registered Samsung devices
  • • Update the purchase date of your device
  • • Retain your devices’ proof of purchase easily and securely
  • • View all information about your devices in one place (model name, serial number, IMEI, purchase date, proof of purchase)
  • Get the most out of them
  • • Receive tips and tricks that will help you optimise your device
  • • Access helpful recommendations and advice on your device
  • Enjoy quick, easy access to support
  • • Quick links to phone and email support
  • • Use the convenient Live Chat option for step-by-step help
  • • Quickly find service locations in your country
  • Message Centre
  • • Receive invitations and alerts to special events for Samsung owners
  • • Get news and updates about Samsung
On which devices is mySamsung app offered?
  • mySamsung is currently offered to owners of selected Galaxy devices in your country. Please refer to the complete device list on the Google Play Store. The app is compatible with Android OS 4.3 (Jellybean) and above.
Do I need an Internet connection to use mySamsung mobile app?
  • ​Yes, you’ll need to connect to the Internet to use mySamsung mobile app. Connecting to the Internet may incur data charges, depending on your agreement with your ISP or mobile carrier. Please check with your ISP or mobile carrier for information on possible Internet data usage charges.
Where can I download mySamsung mobile app?
​The app is on Google Play Store – please click here.
What does mySamsung app cost?
mySamsung app is free to download, register, and use. However, there might be associated costs of purchase or subscription when using partner apps recommended by us.
How can I give feedback or report an issue with mySamsung app?
​​Please email For device related questions or support, please submit an email here.
How can I register my card?
Cards can be either automatically registered by scanning your physical card with Samsung Pay or manually inputting the card information. Then, depending on the policies set by your bank, Samsung Pay will prompt you to verify your identity through a text message, or a phone call.
How many cards can I register into Samsung Pay?
You can register up to 10 payment cards in Samsung Pay.
Can I register the same card with more than one device using Samsung Pay?
Yes. The total number of devices you can register a card may vary. Contact your card issuer for more details on the number of devices you can register your card on.
How long will it take for my card to activate after registering it to Samsung Pay?
The average amount of time between the request for activation and approval may be within minutes, but can take up to 10 minutes after any additional verification requirements have been met. If this amount of time has been exceeded, remove the card from Samsung Pay and register it again. Contact your card issuer for assistance if you continue to encounter delays.
When I attempt to register a card to Samsung Pay, a message is telling me that it cannot provision my card and to contact my bank. What can I do?
We suggest contacting the card issuer for further information. Not all card types are eligible to use with Samsung Pay.
Additionally, there may be other items required prior registering a card with the Samsung Pay service. Only your card issuer will have these details.
Can I use Wi-Fi to register my card in Samsung Pay?
Yes. However, for the best experience, the device should have a SIM card installed. If you encounter any issues when registering the card over Wi-Fi, we suggest switching to a cellular data connection.
Can I register a card when I am outside the Australia?
Can I use the same payment card with more than one device using Samsung Pay?
There are no Samsung restrictions on adding the same payment card to multiple devices. However, the total number of devices you can add the same card may vary by the card issuer. For additional information contact the card issuer.
How can I create my own Samsung Pay account?
When you open Samsung Pay for the first time, you will be asked to sign in to a Samsung account if one is not already on the device. If you do not have an account, you can create one at that time.
How secure is Samsung Pay?
Samsung Pay uses Tokenization, a Secure Environment, and Samsung KNOX to secure your payment information. Additionally, you verify either your fingerprint or a 4-digit PIN when making purchases.
What is Tokenization?
Tokenization is a method of replacing your sensitive payment card information (Card Number, Expiration Date, Security code, etc.) with a device-specific ‘Token’ which acts as a surrogate value. In mobile payments, Tokens are used to protect your payment information and to help reduce the security risks inherent to plastic cards.
What is a Secure Environment, or Trusted Execution Environment?
A Secure Environment is a physically segregated chip in the phone which only allows access to highly sensitive operations/information such as fingerprint and payment information. Normal applications and malware have no access to the information in a Secure Environment.
How is Samsung KNOX used with Samsung Pay?
Samsung KNOX runs scans to see if your device is secure. Samsung KNOX can permanently disable Samsung Pay on a compromised device in order to help protect your payment information.
Does Samsung Pay store my personal/payment information on a server or my device?
No. Samsung does not store your personal/payment information on a Samsung server or the device.
Samsung Pay does not change the way your payment information is stored or handled when you make purchases. Your payment information will continue to be managed by your card network and card issuer.
Only a device-specific Token, which is used to replace your sensitive payment information, is stored on the device.
What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?
If your device is lost or stolen, you can use Samsung’s Find My Mobile service to remotely Lock or Wipe your device (also Locking or Wiping Samsung Pay and all the payment cards registered in it).
If I would to switch phones, do I need to add the cards all over again?
You would need to register your cards again if you were to change your phone as no data will be stored in the application.
Does Samsung Pay have access to my bank accounts?
No. Samsung Pay does not have access to your bank accounts.
Will my Samsung Pay information still be on my device if it is formatted?
No. Formatting your device will remove all payment cards registered to your device.
How do I use "Find My Mobile" to manage Samsung Pay?
If your device is lost or stolen, your payment information will not be accessible without your fingerprint or Samsung Pay PIN. For added security, the Samsung Find My Mobile service can remotely Lock or Wipe your device (also Locking or Wiping Samsung Pay and registered payment cards in it).
What is NFC?
Near Field Communication or NFC is a method of wirelessly transmitting data using radio waves. Samsung Pay uses NFC to wirelessly transmit payment data to payment terminals with NFC readers that have been activated for use.
What is MST?
Magnetic Secure Transmission™ or MST, is a ground-breaking method of sending data using magnetic waves. MST is designed to replicate a card swipe by wirelessly transmitting magnetic waves from the supported Samsung device to a standard card reader. MST has the capability to turn every standard card reader into a contactless payment receiver.
What is the difference between MST and NFC technology?
For Samsung Pay, either MST or NFC technology can be used to make secure, contactless transactions. The key difference is that approximately 85% of all merchants can accept MST. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether or not Samsung Pay’s MST component will be adopted in Australia.
Which is more secure, MST or NFC?
In the context of Samsung Pay, MST and NFC have the same level of security. The payment information transmitted by both MST and NFC is protected using tokenization.
How close does the device have to be to the card reader for MST to work?
The device must be placed within 3cm of the card reader in order for MST to work.
How accurate is the fingerprint scanner?
The fingerprint scanner is very accurate.
What happens if my fingerprint is not recognised?
You can enter the Samsung Pay PIN you created as a backup option. Samsung Pay will remove the data from the app and deregister all linked cards, if the fingerprint is not recognised after 20 consecutive attempts and the Samsung Pay PIN has not been entered.
If I send in my phone for repair, do I have to reset Samsung Pay?
All payment information in Samsung Pay will be deleted. You will need to set up Samsung Pay and add your payment card information again.
If I reset my device, what happens to my Samsung Pay service?
When performing a factory data reset, all payment information in Samsung Pay will be deleted. You will need to set up and add your payment card information into Samsung Pay again after your device has been reset.
What should I do if I have an issue adding a payment card to Samsung Pay?
Please contact the card issuer and verify you are adding an eligible payment card. Some cards from participating banks may not be supported in Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay also requires an active internet connection when adding a payment card. Verify that you are connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi network or your mobile data connection.