Samsung joins forces with A.B. Paterson College for Digital Teaching and Learning Excellence

May 30, 2013

A.B. Paterson College to invest in Samsung Series 7 Slate PCs to help enhance interactive learning

SYDNEY, Australia –November, 2012 – Samsung Electronics, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today an education relationship with A.B. Paterson College to provide Samsung Series 7 Slate PCs for all students. Over the course of two years, the college will roll out 1,400 Samsung Series 7 Slate PCs powered with Microsoft Windows software to deliver a fully integrated 1:1 learning platform, empowering teachers to deliver an interactive education environment. A.B. Paterson College is the first Queensland institution to invest in this intuitive digital learning technology.

“We selected the Samsung ‘Windows in the Classroom’ solution as our objective was to deploy an outstanding ICT platform and range of devices that complement our world class teaching and learning framework,” said Brian Grimes, Principal, A.B. Paterson College. “Our focus is on collabouration, communication, creative innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.The teaching and learning programme utilised by A.B. Paterson College is based upon the Teaching for Understanding framework from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, which defines learning activities that enableour students to have the opportunity to genuinely understand what they learn. The Samsung and Microsoft interactive learning technology support this approach and will enable us to take it forward into the future.”

The solution will enable the College to enhance collabouration between students and teachers, as well as use multi-media tools including audio and video to deliver a rich learning experience.With touch-screen and digital-stylus capabilities, the Samsung Series 7 Slate PCs enable students to hand write notes, comments and equations directly into Microsoft OneNote 2010, a note taking and collabouration software. Samsung Slate PCs are portable, powerful and have stylus capability, enabling students to learn from virtually anywhere.

“We are delighted to be working with A.B. Paterson College, a college setting an outstanding example in learning standards,” said Andre Obradovic, Director for Enterprise and SMB, Samsung Electronics Australia. “The investment in Samsung Series 7 Slate PCs will help bring to life learning, making it enjoyable for our young people while spurring creative thinking and enhancing student-teacher engagement.”

The College will begin teaching using the system in January 2013, with students in years 4, 5 and 6. Devices will be made available to the senior school in 2014, with prep school students using them from 2015. The School will also implement a programme to train staff into E-mentors, creating a number of points of reference with detailed system knowledge.

“It’s great to see the school setting the highest possible pedagogical bar,” said Sean Tierney, Academic Programs Manager, Microsoft Australia. “These no-compromise devices, combined with the best software, and a school with a real vision for what learning can be, will deliver the most powerful learning outcomes other schools will aspire to.”

“We believe education in the 21st Century is about using ICT to help enhance and support teaching, not restrict it,” said Grimes. “At A.B. Paterson College, we strive to offer the highest standards of education, and we selected a Samsung solution based on this thinking. We are excited about seeing it inspire our students and play a part in enhancing our leading pedagogy.”

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