Samsung launches a smart TV that speaks back to you in an Australian accent

Apr 17, 2013

New S-Recommendation technology, enhanced content connectivity and an intuitive user interface; supported by exceptional picture quality and design for a premium viewing experience

SYDNEY, Australia – 17 April, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Australia today announced the launch of its next-generation ultra-large, UHD TV, the 85 inch Samsung S9. Being a leader and innovator in the TV industry requires Samsung to think broadly in terms of consumer needs and wants irrespective of the potential scale of the segment. The introduction of the S9 is testament to this, with a product that aims to break new ground in technology and innovation.

“Australian consumers are demanding TVs with larger screen sizes with better picture quality, more features including content partnerships and internet connectivity and all in a beautifully designed package. Our new 85 inch Series 9 UHD meets all these requirements and more,” said Philip Newton, Vice President – Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia. “Something we’re especially proud to be launching this year and unique to Australia, is the Natural Language functionality. Specifically designed for the Australian market, whereby the TV understands the way we speak and can speak back with an Aussie accent, can make recommendations based on analysing viewing habits and truly illustrates the level of innovation that Samsung is able to deliver to Australian consumers.”

Bigger Is Better

For consumers that desire the very best in home entertainment, Samsung’s S9 UHD TV represents an industry breakthrough both in picture quality and design. Samsung’s Precision Black Pro technology delivers deep, real blacks and pure vivacious whites, while the combination of an extremely high contrast ratio and Ultimate Dimming control functionality means consumers will experience the sharpest resolutions ever seen on Samsung large format displays. In addition, Samsung's proprietary up-scaling engine up-converts HD or Full-HD to UHD-level picture quality by restoring detail information to create greater precision and life-like picture quality.

The S9’s 3-way 2.2 channels of 120 watt sound also delivers an audio experience that consumers can truly immerse themselves in. This 85-inch UHD TV also offers a timeless design – the TV appears to float within its thin frame – which challenges traditional concepts of TV design and features classic minimalism that will beautifully transform any modern living room for years to come.

S- Recommendation with Natural Language

Built in partnership with Macquarie University, some of Samsung's new smart TV’s will also feature the Voice Interaction (Natural Language)* functionality that is an Australian first. This intuitive new platform is a recommendation engine for TVs to help consumers navigate the overwhelming amount of content available and is designed to understand and respond to commands in the distinctive Australian vocabulary.

Samsung’s S-Recommendation^ gives consumers a unique way of discovering content based on their personal preferences. It analyses consumers’ past viewing habits over time to learn their preferences so that it can recommend similar content. The recommendations are provided from a variety of sources, including broadcast television as well as streaming services.

Samsung’s 2013 smart TVs Voice Interaction technology can understand a question and speak back to the viewer in an Australian accent with the recommendation. Consumers, for example can ask the TV when is my next favourite program playing; ask it to make a recommendation about what TV show they should watch and find out what’s on starring their favourite actor or actress.

Samsung Australia was one of six countries out of the global Samsung group to be selected to build its own local natural language S-Recommendation feature into the 2013 flagship TV range due to the sophisticated nature of the Australian market. This involved an RND investment of over half a million dollars from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

Key features of the Voice Interaction Natural Language feature designed by Samsung and Macquarie University include:

  • Samsung invested in sentence recordings by 12 voice artists, to choose the right Aussie accent
  • The TVs are programmed with thousands of recorded sentences, allowing the TV to respond to viewer requests in the distinct Australian dialect via Samsung’s Text to Speech engine.
  • The system then uses localised sentences in the language database it relies on, ensuring the TV can understand almost anything that it is asked.
  • The system can create words that aren’t stored in the database, using the construction of phomins to create natural sounding words.
  • The TV has been trained to have a personality and character, you can ask it how it’s feeling today.

Retail Program

Customers who purchase a UHD TV will receive a bespoke installation service. When consumers buy the product, Samsung will make it to order for you, deliver it, install it, and set it up. This process will include full customisation of content offering and direct contact with a White Glove Service professional within Samsung Australia.

Smart Evolution Kit 2013

To ensure consumers continue to enjoy the best experience from their Samsung TVs, Samsung’s Smart Evolution Kit (sold separately), an industry first, offers a way for consumers to update their TVs with the latest technologies and features removing the need to purchase a new TV. For S9 UHD customers this ensures their product stays up-to-date with future developments standards of ultra-high definition broadcasting for up to five years.

The kit^^ fits into the evolution slot on the back of 2012 Samsung 7500 and 8000 Series LED TVs, as well as Samsung Series 7000 and 8000 Plasma TVs, and updates them with some of the latest features and functions included in the newest Samsung models. 2013 F8000 LED and the F8500 Plasma TVs also include a Smart Evolution slot.

The 2013 Smart Evolution kit includes a quad-core processor, GPU and memory for faster processing and multi-tasking (compared with a dual core processor), the updated Smart Hub and the latest picture display software.

Pricing and Availability
The Samsung S9 UHD TV will be available through select retail stores from May for an RRP of $40,000

* Performance may vary depending on the language spoken, local dialect, pronunciation, voice and surrounding environment, including ambient noise. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Smart Touch Control is required to use Voice Interaction.

^ S Recommendation is not available without expressed consent regarding the collection and use of personal information. S Recommendation requires internet access. Data and subscription charges may apply. Performance may vary depending on the service provider. Service requires RF signal and only works on Free to Air channels.

^^ Smart Evolution Kit sold separately. Performance may vary depending on year of TV launch, model specifications, application availability and hardware limitations.

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