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Laura Geitz

Captain, Diamonds

Laura Geitz

Our partnership

Samsung is proud to be the official sponsor and exclusive electronics partner of the Australian Netball Diamonds, the Queensland Firebirds and the New South Wales Swifts. We’re also delighted to be supporting netball at a grassroots level in NSW and QLD.

With netball the most popular team sport for young females in Australia, we’re excited by the opportunities our partnership can create to give netball the recognition it deserves and set a positive example for future generations of women.

Our Role Models

Rethink role models

Across the board, it’s hard for people to find positive role models, and yet there are so many inspiring examples amongst us. The Australian Diamonds, our World Champion national netball team, are testament to this. They embody qualities worth celebrating: talent, determination, resilience, loyalty, humility, and passion.

So we’re encouraging Australians to rethink who we hold up as inspiration by shining a light on our Diamonds. To stop and think about how important positive role models are in shaping society for the better. And to help us elevate role models who represent brighter possibilities for tomorrow.


Sharni Layton

Samsung – Rethink Role Models: The Australian Netball Diamonds