Samsung SideSync 3.0

SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution that enables the screens, windows and data to be shared easily between PC and Galaxy smartphone, or between Galaxy Tab and
Galaxy smartphone.

Now the border between PC and mobile device has disappeared! Experience SideSync right now.

This image illustrates a PC-Mobile solution that allows you to control and share the screens and data of the Samsung Android Device by using Samsung SideSync and a PC.

Images are linked to a laptop and smartphone. Main Features of Samsung SideSync 3.0 Main Features of Samsung SideSync 3.0

This image demonstrates how to operate a mobile device from a PC monitor using the Virtual Screen function. Using this function, you can display the Samsung Android Device screen on a PC monitor, and can avoid overlapping other program windows by resizing the image.
Phone Screen Sharing Mode

Screen sharing mode allows you to view the screen
of Samsung Android Device on a PC monitor.
Through the virtual screen of a Android device
displayed onto PC screen, you can directly operate a
mobile device from PC monitor.

In addition, since SideSync enables you to freely
control the size of virtual screen, it lets you avoid
overlapping the windows of other programs.

* This mode is available when connecting a Galaxy
smartphone to a PC or to a Galaxy Tab.

Keyboard/Mouse Sharing Mode

In Keyboard/Mouse sharing mode, you can use a
Android device as a Dual Monitor and easily control it
with the mouse and keyboard!

In SideSync Settings, set the location of the smart-
phone, and then move the mouse cursor. The cursor
will appear on the Samsung Android Device so that
you can control it with the mouse and keyboard
without touching the screen of Android device. If
you want to operate a PC again, move the cursor to
the PC monitor and use a PC as usual. Now, try to
handle both of the mobile device and PC simultane-

* This mode is available when connecting a Galaxy
smartphone to a PC.

This image shows that by connecting Samsung Android Device to a PC, you can use it like a dual monitor and move the cursor between screens while controlling both devices with the mouse and keyboard.
Operating your Mobile Device with the Keyboard

Has it been difficult to operate both a PC and a mobile device?

SideSync makes possible to type letters in Samsung Android Device with PC
keyboard. For example, you can chat with friends onto mobile device while
writing notes or documents onto PC.

With SideSync, use a PC and a mobile device more easily and conveniently!

This images how show to write on a mobile screen using the keyboard. In this way, you can better utilise such features as memo, documentation, social networking services—all of which are easily and quickly controlled on the keyboard.
File Sharing & Clipboard Sharing

Drag & Drop file sharing function of SideSync makes possible to share files
between two devices easily and quickly. By simply dragging and dropping, send
files intuitively and quickly. In addition since SideSync enables clipboard copy-
ing, it allows you to copy and paste texts by just pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
SideSync allows you to easily share files or texts.

This image shows that with the Drag&Drop function of Samsung SideSync, you can easily transmit files between a PC and a mobile device by dragging and dropping the file onto the Samsung Android Device screen. With the Copy to Clipboard function, you can copy and paste any text with the Ctrl+C and Crtl+V keys.

Images are linked to a laptop and smartphone. When to Use Samsung SideSync 3.0

This image illustrates that you can insert photos in your Smartphone into the drawing up document on the PC via Drag & Drop moving.
Inserting Photos Taken with a Smartphone into Documents
on a PC

Got a photo on your smartphone which you need for
a document you’re working on? Just open the photo
folder on your smartphone and then simply drag and
drop the photos you want onto the PC desktop screen.
Now you can easily insert it into the document!
If you want, you can simply copy your favourite photos
from your smartphone to a PC. And of course you
can also drag and drop files created on your PC
across to your smartphone, too.

Visiting the URL Address
Included in a Text Message On a
Large PC Screen

Someone sends you a text with the URL address of a
shopping mall and you would like to look at the
website using your PC? With SideSync, you simply
copy and paste the URL onto the address bar of an
Internet browser on your PC. Now you can enjoy
your shopping on a large PC screen easily and con-

This image shows that you can enjoy shopping in a wide screen by copying URL message received in the Smartphone and paste it into your browser address bar.
This image demonstrates the Dual Screen function that moving the curser in the PC playing video to the Smartphone screen so that you can chat on your Smartphone.
Chatting with Friends While
Watching a Movie

While you’re watching a movie on your PC, you can
exchange messages with friends at the same time
using smartphone app! Simply move the mouse
cursor to the virtual smartphone screen and use the
PC keyboard - it’s that easy!

Images are linked to a laptop and smartphone. How to Set up Samsung SideSync 3.0

Samsung SideSync 3.0 Installation

It’s very simple to use SideSync. Install SideSync 3.0 onto a PC and onto a
Android device, and then connect two devices through USB data cable or Wi-Fi.

Samsung SideSync 3.0 for PC can be downloaded and installed by clicking the
button in the right and SideSync 3.0 for Android device can be installed
through “Samsung Apps” or Google “Play store”.

Easy and Quick Connection

In case of connecting PC and Samsung Android smartphone

Connect Samsung Android Device to a PC with USB cable or Wi-Fi. Then
SideSync automatically runs, and you can use immediately keyboard / mouse
sharing modes or phone screen sharing mode.

* You need to select the mode that you’d like to use when executing SideSync
for the first time.
* Also, you can change the sharing mode at any anytime.

In case of connecting Samsung Android Tab and Smartphone :

Connect smartphone to tablet with Wi-Fi Direct. Then SideSync automatically
runs, and you can use phone screen sharing mode immediately.

This image illustrates that the way of connecting laptops and Smartphone wireless or wired to using SideSync. This image illustrates that the way of connecting tablet and Smartphone wireless using SideSync.
Samsung SideSync 3.0 Detail Feature
1. Keyboard/Mouse Sharing PC ↔ Phone Share PC keyboard and Mouse with your Phone
- Clipboard Sharing Copy & Paste between PC and Phone
※ Only Supports text
- Drag & Drop File Transfer Drag & Drop File Transfer from PC to Phone
Share via File Transfer from Phone to PC
※ Supports all types of files
2. Phone Screen Sharing PC ↔ Phone
Tablet ↔ Phone
Virtual Phone on the PC Screen
- Clipboard Sharing Copy & Paste to virtual Phone form PC
※ Only Supports text
- Drag & Drop File Transfer Drag & Drop File Transfer between PC and virtual Phone
※ Supports all types of files
Samsung SideSync 3.0 Requirements
Category Description
SideSync 3.0
(for PC with Windows)
OS Windows XP SP3 or higher (32/64bit supported)
CPU Intel® Pentium 1.8GHz processor or higher (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz higher recommended)
Minimum memory size
1GB (recommended)
Free hard drive space At least 500MB (recommended)
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 (600), 32 bit or above
Required software Windows Media Player 11 or above
DirectX 9.0C or above
※Windows XP: Windows Media Player 11 or above
※Windows 7, 8 OS (N or KN): Windows Media Feature Pack
"Media Feature Pack" is available from Microsoft homepage (
SideSync 3.0
(for Samsung mobile devices)
OS Android KitKat (4.4) or higher