What is Triple Protection in Samsung F Series TV?

Last Update date : 2017.10.25

Samsung F Series TV with Triple Protection


It protects against damage due to lightning, humidity and Power Surge. Block Capacitors, Varistors and Silica Gel acts as a triple protector in Samsung F Series TV.






Lightning Protection :


●   Lightning protectors help to prevent damage due to lightning in Samsung F Series TV.

●   Block Capacitors (stores the charges) are present in TV to absorb lightning.

●   It strikes up to 15 kV (KiloVolt).


(Block Capacitor)


Humidity Protection :


●   Humidity protectors help to prevent damage due to moisture in Samsung F Series TV.

●   Silica gel and Anti-humidity glue applied around each chipset in TV to protect against humidity.


(Silica Gel)


Surge Protection :


●   Surge protectors help to prevent damage due to power fluctuations in Samsung TV.

●   Varistor block are in-built in Samsung TV to withstand power surge up to 750V.

●   It also protects against high impulse.




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