Ways to ease Cable Clutter around your TV

Last Update date : 2017.05.03

Here are a few methods to avoid Cable Cluttering around Samsung TV :


Use the Length You Need : When you purchase a cable, measure the distance you will need for it to run, and add a few feet in case you need to shuffle components, reconnect cables, redecorate or troubleshoot problems.


Label Your Cables : Tracking a cable from origin to destination is not always easy, but you can make it simpler by labeling cables on each end. 


Group Cables Together By Type : With your cables properly labeled, you are ready to group them together. The basic strategy is to gather up all the wires heading to each component, and tie them together every few feet.


NOTE: Don’t bind power cables together with cables that carry an A/V signal as electrical wires can create interference within some other cable types, distorting your audio or video signal.


Go Inside the Wall : The best way to keep cable from cluttering up a room is to keep it out of sight. Running cables inside the walls requires some work, but the clean look may well be worth it.


NOTE:  Running wires under carpet is not recommended for safety reasons, as some types of cables are prone to overheating.  

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