How to configure call answering/ending settings

Last Update date : 2017.05.05



There are three options on how you may want to answer or end a call, as follows:


■  The home key answers calls

    - Press the home key to accept incoming calls


■  Voice control

    - Answer calls using voice


  The power key ends calls

    - Press the power key to end calls (This will not turn off the screen)


To enable your preferred option on answering/ending calls, simply follow these steps


Note: Screenshots were taken from Android OS Version 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)


Step 1: On the Home screen, tap on Apps. 



Step 2: Tap on Settings. 




Step 3: Go to My device tab, scroll down then tap on Call. 




Step 4: Tap on Answering/ending calls. 



Step 5: You will see 3 options with corresponding checkboxes. Tick on the checkbox next to your preferred setting to enable it (or you may opt to enable all).





If you want to enable Voice control (for the first time), tap on Voice control, then you will be routed to the Voice control setting screen. Tap on the slider to turn it on (or slide the button to the right). A pop up message will appear, tap OK. Then, you can use Voice control on the following:


Incoming calls





voice control 



You can also answer calls through swiping from left to right. To reject the call, swipe from right to left.


To activate the option to answer via Home Key or Voice Command, follow the below steps.


Step 1: In settings, tap Accessibility.


Step 2: Tap on Answering and Ending calls.

Step 3: Follow the prompts on screen to activate the options.

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