Differences between A-GPS and GPS

Last Update date : 2017.05.05

The table below shows the comparison between A-GPS and GPS:


GPS Table





Assisted Global Positioning System

Global Positioning System


Radio signals from satellites and assisted mobile network towers

 Radio signals from satellites


A-GPS finds your position faster as it has more sources to determine your location with internet connectivity

GPS devices are slower as they need to lock onto a minimum of 4 satellites


Location information is slightly less accurate than GPS

GPS is accurate to within 1 metre


Cost of the device plus internet connectivity costs

Cost of the device with no ongoing expenses


Mobile devices and WIFI Devices

Cars, Aircraft, Ships


Most mobile device specifications will list only A-GPS. This is because the device will try to use A-GPS then revert to GPS.


A-GPS requires a mobile data connection to work. GPS does not.


A-GPS assists the GPS service on the mobile device to aquire a quick GPS fix because, instead of taking time searching for the satellites, it asks the server where they are and then can lock onto them quickly.

If no data connection is available, it reverts to GPS, but takes longer to get a fix on your location


To get the best of of the GPS receiver on the device, Under phone settings > Location Services > ensure both "Use wireless networks" and "Use GPS satellites" are ticked.

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