Why are my clothes not washed properly?

Last Update date : 2017.10.05

There may be times when clothes washed from the washing machines are not washed properly or washing quality is poor. Below are a few recommendations that you can do to get the best results from your washing machine:


Check Overloading:


    Do not overload the washing machine (Not all cycles can use maximum capacity loading, please refer to the user manual for load recommendation for specific cycles). 

    The clothes must be loaded correctly in loose heaps so that the water and detergent could reach every surface.





Check Detergent handling:


Add detergent to the correct chamber of the detergent compartment. Please note pouring detergent on the top of the laundry will fuse detergent with the laundry and will be difficult to rinse away completely.  






Check Lint Filter: Lint filter should be checked and cleaned periodically, otherwise excess lint will overflow back into the tub. 





Check the sleeves, collar, pockets of clothes:


●  Sleeves, collar and pockets should be pre-treated. Brush these areas with detergent



Maintenance Tips:  


    Tub should be cleaned properly before washing (i.e. after washing pet bedding or extremely dirty items, clean washer completely before washing next load of laundry).

    Clear the clogging of the detergent box. If clogged, not enough detergent will reach the clothes and reduce effectiveness.

    Clothes with different fabric should be washed separately.


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